How to learn to control their emotions and understand them

How to learn to control your emotions if they sometimes engulf you so that you are influenced by them break on their loved ones, commit rash acts, which then repent, bite your elbows, but nothing can be changed?

sthenic emotions and asthenic

Emotions are divided into sthenic and asthenia.The first speed of life: expanding the small blood vessels and, therefore, the work of all the organs, especially the brain becomes more active, and you feel a surge of strength.All this takes place, for example, under the influence of feelings of joy.

sadness and other negative emotions contrast, inhibit all the processes in the body, brain and reduce locomotor activity, make a person feel tired and exhausted.

But any emotion - it is an integral part of the human psyche.Therefore, they do not feel it is impossible, but to suppress and ignore - it is harmful.But to manage them - a problem, though not easy, but quite feasible.How to learn to control your emotions?We need to take some action.

causes of emotions

Most likely, you can not always tell exactly why you were not "in the spirit" during the day and eventually broke down in a conversation with someone in the household.The fact is that the cause is often a bad mood any little thing that instantly causes irritation.For example, you do not like loud music in the bus, in which you went to work.Surely you will soon forget about the cycle of things, but the irritation remains.And you will feel that it is your colleagues or pets behave inappropriately.

unnoticed Another reason could be some anxious or sad thought that flashed through your mind.For example, the boss does not say hello to you - and it seemed to you that he wants to fire you.Keep track of such concerns, you may wonder whether it is under some serious reasons?

The observation and understanding

How to learn to control your emotions?The first step - is to capture the moment when they occurred, and to understand that they actually caused.Watch for a while, and you will begin to more consciously relate to their feelings.

Department of emotions

second step to gaining control - to step back from their negative experiences.When you learn to notice them and understand their reasons, you pay your attention not to the stimulus, and the very emotion.Watch her as if she - is not part of you, and some separate entity.Your emotions - this, of course, a part of you, but not all your mind.When you separate yourself from the emotion, she will not be able to fully capture you, to have you as before, and quickly disappear.

Gaining control

How to learn to control their emotions and how long will it take?It manages to gain control is not immediately and completely: Like any other skill, it comes gradually achieved in small steps.It is hardly possible to immediately change your own attitude toward the world, events and people.