Cultivation of chickens at home

Growing chickens at home - it's not so simple, and how sometimes it seems at first glance.There are two solutions: a mother hen and the incubator.Some poultry farmers recognize only a natural process of excretion, others prefer to use only the incubator for chicks.
Both ways, having a definite plus, there are disadvantages.


It is important to note: brooding instinct developed in different species in different ways.The most suitable breed meat and myasoyaichnye.Be observant: that of chickens, which is a long time in the nest (or even stay in it overnight) will most likely newly-mother.Eggs are not under the underlay is not in a hurry.Let 'rassiditsya. "

Moment podkladyvaniem defined as follows: try to pull the chicken out of the nest and see how she reacts.If the bird restless, bubbling sounds of certain issues (in other words - "kvohchet"), is eager to nest in every way, it was time for brooding.

number of eggs depends on the size and weight of the chicken (from ten to two).Nest is desirable to separate from other birds partition by selecting the most dark corner.Born babies appear in three weeks (21 days).

waited most chickens hatching, chicken is able to throw the remaining eggs and undertake the education of young greenhorn.In order to avoid this, the chicks that have hatched, should be placed in a box prepared by heating (under a lamp).

Growing chickens on "free bread" (even with a hen) is undesirable because there is a risk to remain without chicks.To keep the brood, equip aviary.


Growing chickens in this way does not require monitoring of hen.A definite plus is the so-called all-season (time of year does not matter).

But complexity - in the choice of the incubator (in the form of price - it is the second).Focus on incubators with capacity of up to hundreds of eggs, without automatic rotating mechanism: motor they often burn out and turn the eggs are not always carried out correctly.

Another problem lies in the possibility of a power failure, so it is desirable to orient the models of incubators, which provide additional power (battery and charger for 12 V).

temperature exposed to favorites (38,5S °), clearly set in the middle of the thermometer.The percentage hatchability depends not only on the quality of incubator, but the freshness of stacked eggs.

For convenience, eggs best mark, for example, a pencil (so you'll know exactly what turned, and what - is not present).The first time you need to turn a day after the tab (minimum 6 revolutions daily, although the chicken makes it ten times).Since the edges will be heated less, the eggs are not only inverted, but also change the seats (last laid out in the middle and vice versa).The process is expected nakleva on the nineteenth day.The longest 22 days to incubate the eggs are not worth it.

By this time you should be equipped with a room for the chicks.For those who plan raising chickens, it is - one of the key points.