How to promote the group Vkontakte

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How to promote group Vkontakte?Consider a few effective ways to solve this problem.

Tip 1

Setting Vkontakte group by using wiki markup.It is a programming language that allows you to arrange a group to your taste with different designs and styles.

few years ago, it was really important, but today the group with a lot of bells and whistles cause unconscious rejection.Therefore it is better not to abuse the author's design, and draw using wiki markup menu only.

Tip 2

To better understand how to promote a group of Vkontakte, you need to keep in mind that users of social networks do not come into it for the sake of joining the group, and not for purchases.The purpose of these people - time for fun, that is, watch videos, read interesting texts, messages, chat, listen to music, make the census etc. Like

And so, to interest potential customers of its group, it is necessary to take this process as creative.The group should be a lot of people, it must be active, with lots of interesting census competitions messages.

Tip 3

Not long ago, groups in the overall ranking of the search depended on the number of users in it.For this reason, the owners bought a huge number of bots (not existing users), and it helps them to make successful promotion groups.Now, however, the ranking is carried out by groups entering keywords.In other words, you need to pick 5-6 words, which will be key to your team.They must disclose the maximum its purpose and nature.The two most important introduced in the name of the rest - in the description of the group.

Tip 4

now take a closer look, how to promote a group of participants in the format.As such, they should serve only living men.You can invite users to, but it is very time consuming and inefficient.

best to create a job for Exchange copywriting.You'll pay a little money for the artist invited participants, that is, he will invite to your group of 40 people, you will just have to check it out and pay him a modest fee.In addition, the job exchange to help you maintain the activity of the group: the scribe, put huskies, comments, etc.

Tip 5

If your goal - selling product, let his picture in the group will be real.If you offer a service, then take care of a section of reviews.


Summing up what has been said on the subject of how to promote a FaceBook group, I would like to talk a bit about some marketing moves.Who is the most popular and also free methods to attract members is to hold competitions in which people have the census information on your group on your wall or in your group gain a larger number of likes.As a reward serves a valuable prize, such as a netbook.Among the idle audience it works well, and has already paid for itself many times this promotion groups.Free does not mean inefficient.