Is smoking allowed in public places?

recently in France - particularly in Paris - have banned smoking in public places.In this article, we learn how things work in our country.

The people are constantly hovering rumor that with the entry into force of the law, in public places (they include clubs, restaurants, discos other places, such as those listed), smoking will be prohibited.A compromise solution would be to equip public buildings cleaning air system or arrangement of specially designated smoking areas.In addition to these limitations is planned reduction in the maximum content of harmful substances in cigarettes, or rather - nicotine and tar.Each tenth of a pack must contain a message about the dangers of smoking.

also planned to introduce a ban on smoking in the doorways of houses and frequented establishments.Yes, you can agree with it.Who likes to breathe tobacco smoke, being in your own apartment.How it would not close the door from time to time they are opened for input or output - this time seeping smoke in the apartment.

The law is already working at full capacity, and its performance is not expected.Still, in most schools do not have separate places for lovers of cigarettes.If they exist, it is purely formal.The family that came, for example, to a restaurant to relax, must inhale nicotine smoke.There are public places where they can attend both adults and children - here and imagine a ban on smoking in public places there, and the children come from such a cafe, through smelling of tobacco smoke.Moreover, the area for the smokers out there, kind of like, there.

Almost all know or suspect that a non-smoker person being in the same room with smokers received the same dose of nicotine that smoking person.So unconsciously, without knowing it, risking their health.The majority of Russians agree that smoking in public places - work, to put it mildly, not good.This majority, pardon the pun, the majority of smokers who agree with these conclusions.But still continue to smoke at work, in the entrance, in cafes and restaurants.It can be a long time to enumerate a number of public places.How many would not have made the comments young people that smoking, for example, the elevator can not, even dangerous, not only for travel, but also for himself.When you stop the elevator can be such situation: Turn off the light, you are in a confined space, you going home a pregnant woman;no light in the elevator, and even impossible to breathe, and how much is not known to be here - here's a dangerous situation, fraught with bad consequences.Not for nothing have banned smoking in public places, for this is a good reason.

How to find a way out of this situation?There are several reasons why you can restrict smoking.

  1. protection of citizens who do not use tobacco products;
  2. Help lovers of smoking cessation in this habit;
  3. improve conditions in the workplace, and therefore increasing productivity;
  4. Reducing damage caused by smoke, ash and fire.

Here are four reasons must prove that smoking in public places it is time to stop.

Whatever conscience smokers, however warned, they still smoke in trains, airplanes, hospitals, playgrounds, gazebos in which children have to play, and all the questions they always have the answer.Say, vehicles harms more than the cigarette machine but nobody drives indoors, and especially do not start the engine, the exhaust gases to breathe around.Being present in such a situation, smokers themselves, probably the first to go to complain that they find it difficult to breathe.So, before you smoke in a public place, think about the people around you.