How to treat prostatitis in men?

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Under prostatitis refers to a medical condition in which there is inflammation directly in the prostate gland.If you believe the experts, this kind of illness currently ranked as one of the most common among the male population.According to available statistics, about 50% of men on this planet at least once in their lives experienced symptoms such unpleasant problem.In this article we will talk in detail as possible about the disease, as well as tell you how to treat prostatitis in men.


Before turning to the question of how to treat prostatitis in men, let us look at primary factors causing disease and associated symptoms.Experts today recovered a large number of reasons, leading to the development of this disease.This and various genitourinary infections, and frequent supercooling and mechanical trauma in the crotch area, and even lowered immunity.In addition, risk factors should also include frequent stress, hormonal disorders, regular constipation and some congenital structural features of the prostate gland.As for the symptoms of the disease, then they usually appear as painful urination and potency disorders.If you have these symptoms it is recommended to immediately seek the advice of a specialist.The doctor only after a complete diagnosis and a series of tests will be able to appoint a competent therapy.

How to treat prostatitis in men?

According to experts, the effectiveness of therapy often depends not only on the specific method, but also the responsibility of the patient.In some cases, strict compliance with all recommendations of such unpleasant symptoms simply disappear.As for the treatment, it is always a complex and implies a following measures: antibiotic therapy, prostate massage, some physiotherapy, as well as correction of the immune system.

What are antibiotics to treat prostatitis?

The first patients are usually appointed exactly drugs to combat this problem.Doctors advantageously chosen fluoroquinolones.They have better ability to penetrate directly into the very fabric of the prostate.Furthermore, amoxicillin and prescribed some modern macrolides.To eliminate unpleasant discomfort and pain are appointed by NSAIDs.Note that if you have any sexually transmitted infections require different therapy aimed at the destruction of the pathogen.That is why it is so important to pass all pre-tests to find the right and most effective medicines.

How to treat prostatitis in men?The role of massage

certainly an important role to play and massage.It is noteworthy that this procedure is considered to be the most painful.On the other hand, doctors say that massage is required for therapy, because it contributes to the improvement of blood circulation, but also accelerates the healing process (thus several antibiotics will fall into the inflamed tissue).

Than to treat exacerbation of prostatitis?

At an exacerbation of the disease are advised to seek medical advice.The thing is that in this case you may need individual therapy, which is prescribed on the basis of those or other characteristics of a disease.Be healthy!