T-62 - Armored predator Cold War

Beginning of the Cold War gave a powerful impetus to the arms race in general and industry in particular tankostroitelnoy.The probability of an armed conflict was extremely high, which required extraordinary design solutions in the creation of new types of heavy weapons, which could be effectively used as a decisive force of argument foreign policy.

Because of this, during the fifties and sixties of the last century was perhaps the most productive in the history of the domestic defense industry.Tank development in these two decades was marked by the creation of several new models of combat vehicles.All of them are characterized by original design solutions and a number of innovations, which related equipment, chassis, systems of fire, weapons, etc.

It was the climax of the Cold War, which took place in the sixties, the Soviet tank industry was created a new class of armored vehicles, which is called the "main tank".This tank family were driven traditional medium and heavy machines that are soon removed from production.Soviet "defense industry" was given a new direction of development.T-62 was the last domestic production tank middle class.

This is the only armored vehicle, which did not immediately managed to oust "the main tank."This is not surprising, because the T-62 had a number of unique characteristics that did not have at that time unique in the world.The most advanced technology of this class of NATO greatly inferior to him in many ways.

Tank T-62 - the world's first armored car, equipped with a special 115 mm smoothbore gun U-5TS specifically for which the genius of Soviet engineering were created feathered armor-piercing projectiles.The first BPS for this gun were released in 1959.These armor-piercing projectiles were unprecedented armor penetration.And at point-blank range by approximately 1.6 times greater than the best examples of similar Western weapons.

cumulative shells, also designed specifically for the T-62, twice the figures for the same identical ammunition for rifled guns.And in general, this tank was the perfect predator war.T-62 proved to be the most powerful fighting machine with a gun, ultra-reliable armor and amazing maneuverability.He seemed a born hunter created the god of war.

T-62 had a very traditional layout, which included the placement of the engine-transmission compartment in the feed sector.Branch management was located in the frontal segment, and fighting often takes the middle section of armored vehicles.The crew consisted, as required by the classics of the genre, from 4 people: commander, loader, gunner and driver.

T-62 was equipped with a differentiated protivosnaryadnym armor.This car was even equipped with a special system of protection Nuclear, which should have been reliably protect crew from excessive pressure that occurs when the atomic blast, and radioactive elements from getting into the machine.To do this, the body of the tank was sealed as possible.

Once this armored car appeared in the army, it began to show increased interest in Western specialists.But for a long time they could not get even a photograph of the new combat vehicle classified.This unique tank was publicly demonstrated only in traditional parade on November 7 of 1967.But by the time it was adopted by a modification of the T-62 armored vehicles as well, which was equipped with a new type of cast tower and a powerful 100-mm rifled gun.Soviet military equipment has always been a step ahead ...