The feeds woodpecker in the woods?

Today we talk about woodpeckers.Who is he, what he eats, where he lives - all these topics we will consider.


woodpecker woodpecker - this is an unusual bird that lives only in the woods, just because there are a lot of trees.They have feathers on the tail is very hard, and sharp claws, so they are great climb trees.The beak of these birds are strong and sharp and strong muscles in the neck, so that they can hammer away at the thick wood, strip off the bark tough not to the detriment of their health.Many people are interested in why woodpeckers do not have a headache from such attacks and no concussion.

Chinese scientists conducted a study and concluded that the birds: the bird brain is very adjacent to the skull, which is why it can not be shaken.Many varieties of woodpeckers: count more than 200 species.Our forests have identified the most common one, which is called the great spotted.

"bird in flight"

woodpecker flies in the woods with great reluctance, but if you have to, then flits quickly through the endurance and strength of the wings.This is more like a bird to fly from one branch to another.The bulk of their time crawling on the trunks they pleased.Woodpecker on a tree feels like a fish in water.He can climb on it is not only up and down but the head itself perfectly with the feeling.


If he sees danger, did not immediately fly away and hides behind the back of the trunk and sits there, occasionally poking his head.If the predator crept very close, only a woodpecker flaps its wings and flies away from the enemy.As you can imagine, this is an incomplete description of a woodpecker.Since a large variety of birds, each form their habits, habits and so on.These beings are defenseless, so they chase hawks, falcons, owls and other similar predators.Magpies destroy their nests.Therefore, woodpeckers know very well the place in his forest, where you can hide from predators.Because of this, they feel comfortable in this area, to respond to any kind of danger quickly, well oriented in how to obtain food.

Power poultry during the warmer months

The feeds woodpecker in the woods in the summer?It looks for insects, which are on the surface and beneath the crust.It can be a variety of beetles, caterpillars, butterflies, beetles.By its actions, woodpeckers often save the trees from the disease.Therefore they are called forest sanitation.But only in those places where there are sick trees that eat bugs.If a woodpecker switch to healthy young tree, it begins to batter, to spoil the bark, then from a medic, he turns into a threat.Also this bird can eat and some vegetation, such as berries, seeds, nuts, even - depending on the time of year.

In warmer months, it feeds mostly on small invertebrates insects, which reveals on the surface of trees, shrubs and under their bark.If a woodpecker wants to get out of a deep slit his food, he sticks to your tongue, which is very long and sticky (production sticks to it).So he takes out food from distant corners.When these birds are examined, it was concluded that at the end of the summer they mainly use those insects which harm the forest (living tissue trunks).In early summer, the woodpecker can find raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, which are used with pleasure.In search of food the bird prefers to explore such trees as oak and beech, which are already dry up.Ash birch and Woodpeckers do not like, so fly on them in a pinch.Linden and aspen - it is certainly not their trees.If these birds saw a place where a lot of food, so they do not fly out until until it is exhausted.

If woodpecker lands on the dead ground mixture, then he loves to sit in the middle of the trunk or on the top of the crown.Woodpecker kind and defenseless, but you can become a predator: it is to see a bird's nest weaker, he arrives there, it breaks eggs, eating chicks.As it turned out, from the meat he would not refuse.In summer meals woodpeckers quite extensive.In autumn it harder to look for food.But they still find it as eating seasonally.

Dining autumn

The feeds woodpecker in the woods in the fall?Research has shown that his food - a mountain ash, juniper, cranberries, plum pits and nuts.Usually acorns woodpecker prepares for the winter, and in the fall they will not eat.But it is very interesting to crush bone plum or walnut.It puts them into a crevasse, which was formed on the bark of a tree.It breaks the shell so as to obtain a wide opening, and pulls out the core.Woodpeckers do not care what the thickness at the bone or walnut, thanks to its hard beak, he cope with any shell.

So he contrived to get seeds of coniferous tree, which still green - a spruce, pine, fir, cedar and others.This feed woodpeckers use mainly from October and ends in March, sometimes in early April.By producing seeds, they do not forget to hollow trees in search of invertebrates.

Dining winter

Scientists examined the bird and determine what powered the woodpecker in the woods in winter.Most of these birds can be found in plantations that are very close to homes - they often feed people (build feeders and hang in nearby gardens).In such places, too, there are trees in the crust that can get various insects, beetles.But in the winter of their very small, so woodpeckers can often be seen on conifers where there are bumps.When scientists found out what to eat in the winter woodpecker, then the teacher started to give students the task, mainly on the lessons of labor, to do bird feeders to feathery was a little easier to survive.

The cones are already ripe, nutritious and tasty seeds that the birds got a very interesting.Cones are thrust between the slits so that adjoined it is very tight and did not fall.Holding her breast, woodpecker hitting her with his strong beak, thus revealing her scales, and takes out all edible.Fruit larch they usually can not tolerate, and on the spot schёlkayut.If the buds are very large and uncomfortable to insert slit his find they can come down to earth and there to choose seeds.Even the birds are found on different person dumps, where you can find the crumbs or small caterpillars.Here's what to eat in the winter woodpecker.

How to eat?

Larger birds can eat spruce seeds (up to 10 grams per day) and pine (about 6 grams).When the cones need gouging, birds make for yourself a forge from dry crevices or tree stumps.If the special hole woodpecker will not find, then he can effortlessly make himself such holes to be inserted to the bone, pine nut or fruit.

They do a lot forges to in finding solid food had to close it to carry (usually no more than 10 meters).Thus pine fruit woodpecker puts upright and fir - a cross.In a nut it just makes a big hole, so there could easily get the core.It turns out that the woodpecker still quite hard to survive the winter, as well as many animals.

Food in springtime

comes a long-awaited spring.The feeds woodpecker in the woods at this time?The first winter after he had to batten, so he immediately looks for small birds nest, where the eggs and place them directly on the drinks.Chicks he kidnaps: in his smithy inserts into the slot, cut up and eat.Still, he can relate them to their baby.And that kind of orderly woodpecker turns into a bird of prey.

When trees begin to wake up in them starts to appear juice, poultry leaky bark (especially prefer birch) and drink it.Woodpeckers also at this time a lot of invertebrates are insects.That is, a variety of food after winter increases.Again, they are starting to make a funnel in the trees - thus expanding the passages through which the insects move.Then tuck back his long, rough and sticky tongue and extract the edible creatures.At these moments, woodpecker caught not only the larvae but also large insects, birds so quickly gorge.When the trees the first buds appear, the woodpeckers once they eat.However, the birds need to eat a lot of kidney in order to satisfy his hunger.Some plants are already beginning to bloom in early spring.Woodpecker it quickly detects and regales them with seeds.In the forests of the spring birds are nuts, preserved under the leaves since last year.

order to find their own food in the spring, it is necessary not only to climb trees, but also down to earth, where you can find a lot of ants, worms.

Conclusion Now you know who woodpecker.Photos presented in this article will help you become more familiar with the appearance of this bird.We also figured out that she eats and where dwells.Hopefully now you clearly than the woodpecker eats in nature.