How to remove a mustache

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very many girls inconvenience fuzz on his upper lip, and almost everyone wants to get rid of him.

But removing the antennae is not such a simple process as it may seem at first glance.Currently, there are many ways to solve the problem "how to remove the mustache."But before you select a particular method, you must determine how much s seen this vegetation, and already the basis of that, choose the way.

As a rule, the question of how to remove hair above the lip, set girls in puberty and women in menopause.That's when the body produces the largest number of male hormones, and as a result there is fuzz on his upper lip.And along with it, and the question arises, how to remove mustache.

Currently, there are many ways to remove the gun.Some of them are suitable for absolutely any antennae, regardless of their size and color, while others are exclusively for a specific problem.Today, there are six main ways to remove from the antennae:

1. Shave.This method is the oldest and the most inefficient.After his hair grow stiff, prickly, and also have to carry out this procedure more and more.This method is suitable for all types of antennae.

2. Discoloration.The hair above the lip decolorized using a conventional hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice.To do this, you need to wipe down twice a day with a cotton swab dipped in a solution.This method of hair removal is only suitable for thin and light antennae.

3. Using strips coated with wax.Such strips
today sold two types: normal and intended specifically for antennae.This method of removing painful enough, but each time the hair grows weaker and thinner and, therefore, to carry out such a procedure will need less and less.It fits perfectly for all types of antennae.

4. Another way of how to remove the mustache is plucking them with tweezers.Such removal is very painful and is suitable only for rare mustache.

5. Conducting salon procedures.As these can act laser hair removal and photo-epilation.
overall result is shown in eight of ten treatments.Suitable for absolutely vseh.Vv can be identified as a minus the high cost of a full course of treatment.

6. Using different depilatory products.These drugs are depilatory creams, mix and shugaring vaksingovye.Such procedures are safe, slightly painful, but the result is stored for a long time afterwards.

As you can see, the methods of how to remove mustache, quite a lot.Each woman will be able to choose the most suitable option for themselves.In any case, no matter what kind of method of removing the antennae is selected, you need to remember two things: first of all, you must consult your doctor, because the antennae, and especially clearly visible, may be indicative of a disease.And secondly, you should always remember about hygiene.