Mineral glass and glassware

Mineral glass is silica sand of natural origin in molten form, which is composed of various additives.Are inherent properties such as resistance to radiation and strength, abrasion resistance, and excellent optical quality.In addition, it is a kind of barrier to ultraviolet radiation.Thanks to these characteristics often used mineral crystal in a watch, glasses, etc. on phones.

Of all materials used in the manufacture of the product described, it is much easier to process due to its durability.However, keep in mind that mineral glass is sensitive to all sorts of scratches that may appear even from frequent contact with the clothes of tough tissue.This material can be easily polished, but in some situations easier to replace it entirely than try to regain previous form.When it comes to the optical industry, it is to say that, thanks to its characteristics, not only frame, but also the lens helps provide strength points.

Almost 90 per cent of watch dials are protected from this particular material.It is believed that through it easier to distinguish between the evidence of design in the hours when the color of the arrows merged with a touch of the body.Apparently, because of the widespread use of mineral glass it is popularly referred to as "normal".Its popularity stems from the fact that it maintains sufficient load, staying a whole or, in extreme cases, in the product crack appears.Used modern technology can make it even more resistant to mechanical damage.Another one of the materials used in the manufacture of hours - sapphire.It is much more expensive and described more scratch-resistant.However, visually distinguish between the two types is almost impossible, so be particularly careful when choosing a watch.

Large stocks of raw materials, ease of processing has led to that the cost of this product is very low, so it is produced in large quantities and can be made to order products of any size.

However, it should be borne in mind that the mineral glass in the manufacture of glasses for drivers and children not being used.This is due to the fact that when a strong impact, it may break into small pieces and cause damage, for example, the lens.There were cases when the airbag when the glasses were broken into pieces, injuring his face.For this reason, products from mineral glass are not worth buying for people who prefer active holidays.In addition, mineral glass has sufficiently high weight, which can lead to discomfort when using the lenses therefrom.With the introduction of metal salts during manufacture can achieve the desired shade.Thus, nickel salts stained glass violet, cobalt - blue, selenium and copper - red.Combinations of different additives allow to obtain lenses not only different colors, but with varying degrees of light transmission through which is cut off UV radiation component.