External and internal politics Svyatoslav Igorevich

in Russia has always been a prominent and powerful princes, who were distinguished by their originality and uniqueness of the milestones in the history.None of them did not look like anyone else.If we are talking about Yaroslav the Wise, it is the legislator.If on the Princess Olga, it's a successful diplomat of his time.

But what can we say about Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich?

Svyatoslav - who are you?

Prince Svyatoslav became Grand Prince of All Russia in three years.This happened after his father Igor Drevlyane people killed in 945 AD.This was due to the fact that the Grand Duke returned to collect personal collection of tribute (tribute) to the people with a small amount of his troops.He was killed.

Svyatoslav could not reign at the age of three years.Instead, he sat on the throne of his mother, Princess Olga.

independent rule Svyatoslav Igorevich in Kiev will begin with 964 years.His mother made a state under his rule stronger and more powerful, handing his son the right to inherit the throne.

However, foreign and domestic policy Sviatoslav will be radically different from the policy of Olga.

Childhood Svyatoslav Igorevich

According to chronicles the end of the XII century, then Svyatoslav was the only child of Prince Igor and Princess Olga.The exact date of his birth is unknown.

Svyatoslav childhood was near his mother in Kiev.She raised him, guided him through life and treasured.It was from his mother got Svyatoslav important skills, which passed through his life.She instilled in him this true warrior of the state.However, foreign and domestic policy Svyatoslav was not inherited from the mother and is not transferred in the process of education.He will reign in its own way.

Foreign Policy

external and internal policy of Svyatoslav quite similar.Svyatoslav was active in the international arena.He gave much more power foreign policy than domestic.By nature he was a conqueror and commander.

Unlike his mother Olga, he did not change his belief in the Christian, to be closer to his army.Warriors him for it to respect and accept their own.It is this proximity with its own army in many ways and helped him achieve success in military conflicts and conquests.

What was the foreign policy of Svyatoslav?The table below, will answer this question.Prince led proactive both in the west and the east.



Prince Svyatoslav waged active military campaign against the Bulgarian principality.Most of the military campaigns to Kievan Rus failed.



on eastbound Prince successfully fought against the Khazar Khanate.Subsequently, he destroyed it completely.However, unable to protect the land from Kiev Polovtsian raids.

In "Tale of Bygone Years" is repeatedly mentioned that in 964, Svyatoslav went to war against the formidable Khazar Khanate.

Khazar Khanate was a major commercial and military adversary of Kievan Rus.After defeating them, Svyatoslav wanted to nullify their influence in the region and erase their cities to the ground.He managed to do it, and he led his army won a convincing victory.

However, the victory over the Khazars brought more disappointment than triumph.Kaganat restrained shield raids of nomads from the east in the direction of Kievan Rus.When he fell, hordes of nomads could easily move toward Kiev.

on westbound Svyatoslav waged war against the Bulgarian principality.These campaigns were successful.Svyatoslav in its path swept town after town and stopped in the town of Pereyaslavets.He began to collect tribute and had planned to move the capital from Kiev to Pereyaslavets.However, this did not happen.Notorious for that to Kiev nomadic raids and haunt residents, forced him to return home and defend the city from the raids.Only in 970 Prince Svyatoslav was able to return to the Balkans and to continue the war.

In 972 Svyatoslav on the island of Khortytsya with his army was defeated Pechenegs.The prince died in this battle.Smoking King Pechenegs made from his skull itself dishes, from which drinking in the future.It was believed in the statutes of the Pechenegs, the power of Svyatoslav now go to Kure.

Domestic Policy

We have said that the policy of Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich has been more directed to the conquest of outer than inner transformation.He was more of a commander than a diplomat or a reformer.However

activity Svyatoslav touched the inner life of the country.

Internal policy of Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich was aimed at drawing the tax collection system.His mother Olga adopted even during his reign graveyards.This means that the prince should not go by yourself to every people to collect personal collection of tribute, and the people themselves or representatives of the people came to a certain place, and gave tribute to the treasury.

Svyatoslav once pacified Vyatichi tribes who refused to pay tribute to the favor Princely Treasury.After this trip to the treasury became a tribute to act properly.

becoming a Grand Duke, in the leading cities of Kievan Rus, he began to assert his sons on the board, so they kept everything under control when it is in the campaigns.It was a faithful and wise decision on his part.He could rely on his sons, in all matters of internal management of Kievan Rus.

his sons were Yaropolk, Oleg and Vladimir (the Baptist Kievan Rus).

Svyatoslav in literature and art

Policy Svyatoslav Igorevich is reflected not only in military affairs.

Svyatoslav devoted a lot of paintings, poems, novels, short stories and even modern songs.He was an extraordinary personality, lived a life briefly and clearly.

There is a painting by Akimov's "The Great Prince Svyatoslav", which refers to the end of the 18th century.

Velimir Khlebnikov dedicated his poem "Svyatoslav" Woodrow Wilson - his novel "Svyatoslav" Leo Prozorov - "Svyatoslav.Coming to you! ".By the way, "I go to you!" Svyatoslav often uttered when he went into battle.

Leaflet fans of football club "Dynamo Kiev" is called "Sviatoslav".

What remained in the history of the Grand Duke?

for this generation, Prince Svyatoslav remained belligerent ruler and conqueror, who put the interests of the Kievan Rus above their own and anyone else.

external and internal policy of Svyatoslav Kievan Rus helped make an even more powerful state.Despite the defeat of the Pechenegs, he will remain in history as one of the greatest generals of his time, who opposed the attacks of several peoples.