Aspect - it's ... It all depends on the context and scope of the word

In our speech is present a sufficient number of words and expressions that we often use, without delving deeply into their meaning.Or, on the contrary, the person using the word in the right, but unfamiliar to most sense may stumble upon a wall of misunderstanding on the part of people who are accustomed to use the term in a different context.

Among these terms, it seems to me, can be attributed to such a notion as "aspect".This concept is used by psychologists and journalists, politicians and educators.We hear it often enough and have become accustomed to such phrases as "aspects of communication" or "development dimension".I am sure that the overwhelming number of people correctly understand the meaning of the word "aspect" in this context, namely, as the word for party or one of the components of the phenomenon.

Sometimes, however, the use of the word as a surprise.For example: "The seasonal aspect of the color of leaves of poplars in recent years has changed significantly" or "Ancient scientists paid special attention to the aspect of 150 degrees."Agree, it sounds a bit strange.However, the use of the term in these proposals - not the fault of careless author, it is justified.In the first aspect of the phrase - is the term biology and points to a certain sign by which tracks changes in natural habitats.In the second term it characterizes a certain position of the planets and is used in astrology.

A few branches of knowledge and applied sciences use the term "aspect".This unifying entity in one of the branches of programming.It is synonymous in linguistics (for example, the word "opinion").In the aspect of astronomy - a certain position of the planets and other objects relative to the sun, or to each other.In psychology, this term is used to denote approaches, types, and an object of scientific study.The most common, in spite of the variety of applications, is the concept of perspective as the point of view of the situation, the problem area of ​​knowledge, or one of its components.

As you can see, this concept has a fairly wide range of values, and it can be applied in biology, and software development.Another question - how appropriate is the use of the word in an obscure meaning, unknown to the masses?Of course, it is possible to surprise professionals for whom unconventional use and meaning of the word "perspective" - ​​is part of the professional terminology.But in ordinary conversation like "attempt to be clever" can play with the "expert" cruel joke.The two sides may perceive it as disrespect or deliberate splurge, and a similar reaction of others is hardly a desirable outcome.

Summing up, I want to say that any conversation will flow easily and naturally, if the sides do not try to "show off" the depth of their knowledge.It abounding obscure terms inappropriate for the situation, cause irritation, and a pleasant companion of a man is difficult to call.