Who will protect the rights of the driver?

Surely everyone who drives their own car or motorcycle, faced with violations of their own rights and interests, which are guaranteed by the Civil Code and the rules of the road.Have you tried to defend his innocence in the face of a violation?

drivers' rights protection - a task not only of car owners and law enforcement officials, for example, employees of traffic police officers or inspectors of traffic safety on the road.Despite the existing regulations, drivers often stop even in the absence of violations on its part.

try to understand.It is important to know well the whole regulatory framework governing the rules of the road.Unfortunately, even a small set of rules thoroughly know not all, or forget them after the exam for a driver's license.We strongly recommend to read rules of the road again.They are described primarily charge, but, on this basis, it is possible to allocate certain rights driver.For example, at the crossroads of an advantage it is tantamount to a car that goes on your right.You have an advantage if you left another car approaching.

Very often the driver violated the rights of members of the inspection of traffic safety is in the case where he does not know elementary rules.When you do not know all the points of this important regulatory document, the inspector can interpret them as beneficial to him.

Rights drivers are also contained in the Civil Code.For example, if the driver leaves the car or motorcycle on a paid parking lot between him and the administration of the park is a contract of storage of the vehicle.If damaged or lost, "steel horse" is the responsibility of the owner of the parking lot.

Another important document that regulates the obligations and rights of the driver is the Code of Administrative Offences (chapters 11 and 12, as well as some articles from other parts of the document).In order to have your rights are not violated, try to comply with the requirements that are specified in it.In addition, the code you'll learn about the amount of the fine, which you can write down if you neglect the observance of traffic rules.An important

will know and some articles of the Criminal Code.In particular, it is forbidden to leave the victim in a traffic accident.This is true even in cases when an accident do not blame you.If you are injured in an accident, right in this case will receive all possible assistance from other road users.

You should also know that you do not have to leave the car in the traffic police stop you.The inspector has the right to require you to leave the cabin only if he doubts that you are sober, I suspect that your vehicle is defective, and you personally threaten other road users.In addition, he may ask you to leave room for reconciliation engine and the car body.

your main defender - only the Law.If your rights have been violated, contact the court.