Certificate of title: a simplified procedure

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Ownership certificate - a legal document that says that you are the owner of the property.Without it, it is impossible to carry out any transactions or real estate transactions.

certificate of ownership is difficult to obtain without legal support, as its design - a troublesome and long event, which can take a lot of time and money.

state registration of ownership of the new or renovated property in our country carries out registration service.The state registrar issued a certificate of ownership to land, property.

other words, the authorities carried out state registration of "primary" registration of ownership of real estate.However, if the certificate was issued before 2013, then re-register the property is not needed.This procedure is required when the owner decides to sell its assets or present.

If the property is bought in the secondary market, the right to register a lawyer.It makes reconciliation with the data of the old registers and stores them in the new unified State Register.In the notary's office established fact marital relations.If they are, then the document should follow that the object is a property of both spouses.

For example, if the owner had inherited a certificate of ownership of the property and is not going to sell it, then it goes to the registration service.And if he decides to make a transaction of sale, then goes to the notary.A notary shall perform the registration, draws up the deal and ensures the transfer of ownership.

confirmation of ownership of the land before 1 January 2013, was the act of state property rights.This document is now abolished, and now the owners receive a certificate of ownership of the land.

on land offered for running your own farm, cottage gardening before the introduction of the LC Russia, now we need to get right to the property.To this end, authorities gosregistratsionnoy service must submit the following documents:

- filled with the owner on the registration statement;

- passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;

- documents of title to land;

- a document confirming payment of state duty;

- the territory of the cadastral plan of the land plot.

documents of title to land are:

- an act that the citizen of the lot of land;

- certificate or act on the rights of the owner of a plot of land.

If the land has been allocated for the conduct of a national subsidiary farming, provided the extract from the household books that he has a right to this land.To obtain such a certificate applicant goes to local governments at the place of the territorial location of the land.These documents are available in two copies.

If land had been committed in any transaction, and in this case is a written contract, it is the basis for making the availability of state registration of rights.These documents are available for registration in two copies - the originals.

If land to sue in the courts and the verdicts of the courts are, they are available in two copies - copies.

If you do not have any documents about the rights to a piece of land, then you must:

  1. Get a copy of the board of the cooperative development project.
  2. describe the scope of your site.
  3. Get help on the board of the cooperative that the land assigned to you.
  4. Post in governments at the place of the territorial area of ​​finding documents about acquiring the property.
  5. Get a decision on the provision of land ownership.
  6. submit documents to the registration service on the state registration of property rights.

If you have not issued a cadastral plan for the area where the dwelling is an individual, you must:

  1. send an application to the authorities of the architecture of the receipt of the plan boundaries of the land.
  2. contact the organization, whose activities - surveying, land surveying for the design of the case.
  3. hand over documents in the inventory room.
  4. Get cadastral plan.