How to make croissants with various fillings Home

We all know this kind of baking is delicious, fragrant and rosy croissants made of yeast dough and having the shape of a crescent.Their homeland is France, where they are an essential attribute of any breakfast.We have this bakery also received a large distribution: it can be ordered in most cafes and restaurants, buy in cooking, and even cook for themselves.About how to make croissants at home, we will tell today.

classic recipe

If you want to learn how to make croissants at home by all the rules, then this option will suit you fine cooking.So, this classic recipe for baking does not have stuffing.In order to prepare the most delicious croissants, we need the following ingredients: wheat flour - 230 grams of dough plus 3-4 tbsp for sprinkling, 15 grams of fresh yeast, half a teaspoon of salt, a tablespoon of sugar, 110 grams of butter and three tablespoonsmilk.

cooking process to start in a large bowl sift about a quarter of cooked flour.Putting her mound in the center of which makes the groove.In a separate bowl breed yeast with a couple of tablespoons of warm water.Then the yeast solution is poured into recess done in flour, stir and rolls the dough into a ball.Incise it crosswise, we shift into a deep bowl and fill it with warm water.The rest of the flour mix with sugar, salt, milk and half the prepared butter.Knead the dough until it is elastic, homogeneous and elastic.

When the ball dropped into the water rises to the surface and to double in size, to catch him obsushivayut and mixed with the other part of the test.Knead until smooth.Then shift the dough in a pre-floured pan, cover with a lid and leave overnight for proofing in a cool place.

continue to learn about how to make croissants on the classic recipe.So, the next day, we take out the dough and rolled it into a rectangle.Mentally divide it by height into three equal parts, then the middle part of the coat with the remaining butter.Then cover the central part of the first right and then the left third.Turn the dough 90 degrees and roll out again.Then again, trifold, turn and roll out.Then we send a quarter of an hour in the refrigerator.Then, this procedure should be repeated three times a hedgehog.

proceed to the formation of croissants

So we almost learned how to make croissant dough.Roll out the puff pastry obtained to a thickness of 3 mm, cut lengthwise into two equal strips, each of which is then cut into triangles.From these figures bagels roll off, turn them into a horseshoe shape and spread on a floured baking sheet.Heat the oven to a temperature of 220 degrees, and send it our croissants.Five minutes later diminish heat to 200 degrees and bake for 15 minutes.Ready pastries should be increased in size and acquire a golden color.So we learned how to make croissants on the classic recipe.Of course, the process can not be called a fast and simple, but the result is sure to please both you and your household and guests.Bon Appetit!

How to make croissants puff pastry stuffed with

On how to cook this delicious pastries on the classic recipe, we understand.Now we offer to learn how to make croissants with condensed milk, chocolate and other fillings.So, a few recipes of delicious French pastries.

How to make croissants with chocolate

In order to prepare this delicious pastries for breakfast or just a cup of tea, you need to take care of the presence of the kitchen of the following products: Dough - 10 g dried yeast, 300 grams of butter, a pound of wheat flour4 grams of salt, 50 g of corn starch, 200 ml of milk, 50 grams of sugar, two chicken eggs;for filling - 10 grams of butter, 50 grams of dark chocolate, 10 ml cream;for shaving brushes - 10 ml milk and 4 grams of powdered sugar.

proceeds to the process of preparation for the beginning

dissolve the yeast in a small amount of warm water and leave for 10-15 minutes.Then sift the flour and starch, add sugar, salt, egg yolks of eggs, milk, melted butter (50 grams) and yeast mass.About 10 minutes knead the dough, which should be a uniform and elastic.We roll down it into a ball, wrap in foil and remove the 4 hours in the refrigerator.

Take 250 grams of butter, wrap it with cling film and properly repulse using a rolling pin.With this procedure, the oil will change its structure, becoming softer.Add 40 grams of flour and mix thoroughly.We spread oil on parchment paper and gently unroll it, forming a square.Then remove in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Extract from the refrigerator proofed and increase in the volume of the dough.Balloon incised crosswise.Then stretch the dough to a square, and gently rolled into the formation.In the middle of the plate spread cold butter.Wrap the dough around the edge of the seam and zaschipyvaem.Roll out the dough into a rectangle, and then add up the three layers.Packs it into a film and then remove in the refrigerator for one hour.Cold dough shake off the excess flour, roll out into a rectangle and again we turn to three layers.When this roll is necessary in one plane.Again, wrap the dough in foil and remove an hour in the refrigerator.This procedure must be repeated four more times.Then remove the dough in the refrigerator overnight.

last stage

If you are not tired, then offer up to the end to find out how to make croissants with chocolate filling.So the next day we take out the cold dough from the refrigerator and roll out it in a thin layer, which first divide into strips and then into triangles.We turn to the preparation of the filling.To do this in a small saucepan, combine chocolate, cream and butter and heat the mixture, stirring constantly, until it acquires a uniform consistency.In the middle of a triangles of dough spread a little filling and wrap in the form of a bagel.Kruassanchiki spread on a baking sheet, cover with cling film and leave for 40-50 minutes.Then daubed them with milk and sugar, and send in a preheated 180 degree oven for 20-25 minutes.Tasty Baking ready!Bon Appetit!By the way, as a filling can be used not only chocolate, but also condensed milk, jam, jam, dried apricots and many other products for your taste.

How quickly prepare croissants from the finished pastry

If you ever wanted to be pampered cakes, but do not want to spend a lot of time and effort into its preparation, or on the verge of the guests and the kitchen is nothing to tea, but in the fridge therepuff pastry, then this recipe is for you.You can quickly and easily make a fragrant croissants that will please everyone.So, in addition to the finished pastry also need butter, a chicken egg yolk for lubrication, as well as the filling of your choice (chocolate, condensed milk, jam and so on. N.).

start the cooking process

thawed puff pastry.This is best done at room temperature.Then roll out its half a centimeter thick.Cut the dough into triangles.Hold each triangle from the base, carefully pull it over the top, thus slightly extending it.At the base of the figure making a small incision.Spread on the dough a little filling, you can also add a small piece of butter.Carefully turn off the rolls (this should be done, starting from the bottom).Gently wrap the ends inward, giving culinary products crescent shape.According to connoisseurs of French cuisine, the real croissant must be twisted in six layers.However, if you could not make it such a result, do not despair.Baking still get very tasty.So, rolled croissants are passed on to the laid paper baking pan and grease with beaten egg yolk.Heat the oven to 200 degrees and we send him our product.Croissants Bake for about 20 minutes to as long as they do not acquire the golden color.We get our goodies from the oven and sit down to drink tea!Bon Appetit!

So, today we learned how to make croissants with different fillings based on how ready and home test.We hope that our recipes appeal to you heart, and you will regularly indulge himself and members of his family this delicious pastries.