Do not make a mistake when choosing a hosting provider!

a nice evening!As the name implies, this article is dedicated hosting, namely how to avoid mistakes when choosing hosting.At first glance, it seems that choosing a hosting everything is simple and clear, and quite impossible to make a wrong choice, but it is not so.

Like most beginners bloggers choose hosting?Do not know?- And I can tell you!They just are assessing how much they need the space for web-resource and looking for web hosting at low prices from suitable.And yet, more than anything not consider it necessary to learn about hosting providers are not interested in anything, simply choose the cheapest web hosting.But it turns out that even there is no information about how stably hoster.But that is not the limit, some do not even consider it necessary to find out how many domains can be assigned to one account, how many databases on the account, etc.

As you can probably understand - it is not permissible, because of the stability of the hosting company, the success of your website on the Internet.And so, let me give you a few points that should definitely pay attention to when choosing a hosting company for your blog.

1. The operating system of the server that runs the hosting company.

individual platforms blogs only work under certain OC, so before you make an order, find the OSes it works.

2. Disk space.

Well, then I think it's simple, and there is no need to discuss long.Think about how much disk space you need and make tarifffrom slight margin.

3. Fast work

From that the speed with which the server will operate, will depend entirely speed download web-based resources.

4. Tech-support and speed of its work.To support those, there are 2 basic requirements: the speed and the clock!

5. What are the limitations.

love hosting providers to enter various restrictions, so do not be lazy - ask about them.

6. Reviews.

Do not forget the reverence reviews on forums, because they can save you from buying obviously wrong hosting

Well, now you know what to be sure to pay attention to when choosing a hosting, however, fully understand how good and reliable the selected hostingYou still can, but experiencing it in!So do not pay for hosting services in advance!