Educated people - is an educated man ... Qualities

Science nourish young men,
old Joy served,
The happy life decorate,
The accident cherish.

( Lomonosov )

educated person - is not just a person with a diploma of education completed.This concept has many faces and many-sided, consists of many criteria that formed throughout the life of the individual.

Pages of history

What is an educated person?I'm sure many of us will sooner or later asked this question.To answer this question, you must turn to history.Namely, to the days when mankind started to make progress in the development of civilization.

create everything was done gradually.Nothing appears immediately on the mighty wave of the hand of the Creator."First there was the Word, and the Word was God."Nascent dialogue, gestures, signs, sounds.It is in these times should be considered the concept of education.Do people have a common language, the original knowledge base, which they passed on to children from generation to generation.The man made an effort to develop writing and speech.Taki

ng its origin from these sources, the river of time has brought us to the present.There were many convolutions in the mainstream of the river, enclosed incredible work and did a tremendous job.Still, the river brought us into that life as we see it now.Books preserved and brought us all the things that created man for centuries.We take the knowledge from these sources and become educated.

educated man: the concept, criteria, aspects

interpretation of the term is ambiguous, the researchers offer a variety of definitions of variations.Some believe that an educated person - is an individual who has finished school and passed comprehensive training in a particular field of knowledge.For example, these are doctors, teachers, engineers, technicians, professors, cooks, construction workers, archaeologists, managers and other professionals.Others argue that, in addition to public and commercial education, a person must have a social and life experience gained in travel, traveling, communicating with people of different ethnic groups, classes and levels.However, this interpretation is incomplete, because the educated person - a person of certain moral values, has managed to achieve something in his life thanks to his knowledge, erudition, culture and commitment.From all this we conclude that educated - not only the most intelligent person, but a person with a capital letter.Therefore, most researchers give a more accurate description of this term.They believe that an educated person - is an individual who has received the knowledge offered by civilization itself.It has a cultural and life experience accumulated in the process of historical development and formation of culture, industry, industry and others.

image of an educated person consists of many criteria and personal qualities:

  • Availability education.
  • Languages.
  • Culture behavior.
  • memories.
  • Erudition.
  • wide vocabulary.
  • Well Read.
  • Sociability.
  • Thirst for knowledge.
  • eloquence.
  • flexibility of mind.
  • ability to analyze.
  • desire for self-improvement.
  • determination.
  • Literacy.
  • education.
  • Tolerance.

role of education in human life

educated man seeks knowledge for orientation in the world.He is not so important to know how many elements in the periodic table, but need to have a basic understanding of chemistry.In every sphere of knowledge of such a person is guided with ease, knowing that a single precision in everything possible.This allows you to see the world from a different angle, orientation in space, makes life bright, rich and interesting.On the other hand, education acts as educating everyone, empowering knowledge to be able to distinguish reality from imposed opinions.An educated person is not influenced sectarians, advertising tricks, as constantly analyzes seen and heard, forming the right decision about the reality of what is happening.With the formation of the individual achieves goals, cultivators, and express themselves.Through reading the erudite man listens to his inner world, is important answers, feels the world, becomes wise, erudite.

value schooling

first stage of each person as an "educated man" is the primary educational institution, namely the school.There we have the basics of knowledge: learning to read, write, draw, deployed thinking.And how much we appreciate this initial information depends largely on our future development as a full-fledged representative of society.From birth, parents develop a child's desire for knowledge, explaining the importance of education in life.Thanks to the school revealed the ability of each pupil, instilled a love of reading, the foundations of cultural behavior in society.

School is the foundation of the formation of every educated person.It solves a number of important tasks.

  1. Primary education rights, the transfer of social, life and scientific experience in the relevant areas, historically accumulated civilization.
  2. spiritual and moral education and personality development (patriotism, religion, family values, culture, behavior, understanding of art, and so on.).
  3. preservation and strengthening of health, both physical and mental, without which a person can not fulfill your potential.

self-education and social life experience enough to become educated, so the role of the school in the life of the individual is invaluable, irreplaceable.

role of books in education

From time immemorial, it is in the books focused knowledge of various industries and topics - literature, science, history, and so on. D. No training is impossible without books.The degree of ownership information from textbooks depends on the level of education of each individual.Well-read man - is the person that owns the information received from various sources.

Literature, created humanity, and carried through the year, an unusually varied.Each book has a special influence on the person.

  1. Special literature (books, manuals, guidelines, encyclopedias and reference books) helps us to look at the world in a new way, discover the secret relationship and perceive reality differently.
  2. Art books (literary classics) make our inner world richer, develop a sense of beauty, form the historical consciousness and culture.There are a list of works that certainly must know every educated person.

by reading the person receives education, learns rules of behavior in society, expands vocabulary, increases the level of culture, broadens the mind, and so on.This book is the only reliable source of information in the world, helping people for several centuries.

culture in human life

equally important role education plays in culture, the presence of which is essential to the quality of the educated person.Standards of behavior in society are the same for everyone, but keeps them far from each.What it means to be a cultured person?We know about the man that he was, above all, well-educated, has a mild-mannered and knows how to politely say in any situation.Those who do not know how to behave in society, can hardly be called educated.In the culture of morality and moral person primarily influenced by family values ​​and traditions.Another important factor is the role of education in the formation of cultural identity.

Most researchers argue that the first new science and education, culture and only then.Historically it evolved since that first appeared educated man, and only then cultured.Thus, these two concepts are interrelated, but have evolved independently of each other.Education involves the study of art, traditions, ethics, rules of conduct and principles.This cultured man is not always formed.

education and intellectuals

in the modern sense of an intellectual - is, of course, educated, erudite man, cultured, polite, strictly adhering to moral principles.For an intelligent person to talk bad about other people being disrespectful, use profanity, and being rude in communication inadmissible.Looking at history, we can recall a separate class, to which all people are educated.Intelligent people are not only well educated, he is also well-read, erudite, has a high intellect, decent, is committed to universal values.

Currently, teachers perceive the image of the intellectual as the ideal of an educated person, which must strive every student, student, adult.However, the quality is not a priority or mandatory.

How we present an educated man

Each of us has his own opinion on the subject.For some educated person - is someone who graduated from high school.For other people it is the specialty in a particular area.Still others believe educated all smart people, scientists, researchers, those who read a lot and educate themselves.But it is education - the basis for all definitions.It has fundamentally changed the life on Earth, it has given a chance to fulfill your potential and prove themselves, that all depends on the person.Education gives you a chance to step into another world.

At every stage of the individual person perceives the concept of education in many ways.Children and students are sure that this is simply the smartest man who knows a lot and reads.Students look at this concept in terms of education, considering that, after finishing school, they will be educated.The older generation perceives the image more broadly and profoundly, realizing that, in addition to teaching, such a person should have its own store of knowledge, social experience, to be erudite, well-read.As we can see, everyone has their own idea of ​​what an educated person should know.Self-realization

When a person finishes school, is experiencing an extraordinary joy, positive emotions, accepting congratulations and wishes to become a worthy person in the future.After receiving the certificate, every graduate gets a new life path to self-realization, self-sufficiency.Now you need to make an important step - to choose the school and their future profession.Many people choose a difficult path to achieve his dream.Perhaps this is the most important moment in a person's life - to choose the professional activity of the soul, interests, their abilities and talents.It depends on the individual's self-realization in society, his future happy life.For an educated person - is, among other things, a person who has attained success in a particular field.

importance of education in our time

concept of "education" includes the words - "to form", "form" which means the formation of man as a person.The image of his inner "I".As for ourselves in the first place, and to the community in which he lives, he is engaged in the field of activity, labor, and just a pleasure to spend their free time.Undoubtedly, a good education in our time is simply irreplaceable.It was a good education opens the doors to the individual, makes it possible to get into the "high society", to get a first-class job with decent wages and achieve universal recognition and respect.After all, knowledge is never enough.With each passing day our we learn something new, we obtain a certain piece of information.

Unfortunately, in our twenty-first century, the age of digital technology, communications and the Internet, such a thing as "education" gradually fades into the background.On the one hand, it would seem to be contrary.Internet, bottomless source of information, where everything is available.No need to once again run for the libraries of fellow students in the search for missing lectures, and so on.. However, together with useful on the Internet contains a huge amount of useless, unnecessary and even harmful information, which infests the human brain, killing him the opportunity adequately to think, confuses humanout of the way.Often low-quality resources, useless social networks attract much more humanity than useful for self-development information from libraries.

What causes ignorance

uneducated man is under the delusion that he knows everything and he have nothing more to learn.While formed until the end of life will be confident that his education is not complete.He will always try to learn something that will make his life better.If the person does not aspire to the knowledge of the world and self-development, it eventually comes to the mundane, routine, where the work does not bring neither pleasure nor sufficient earnings.Of course, ignorance does not mean a complete absence of any knowledge of certificates.A person can have multiple entities, but to be illiterate.Conversely, there are very educated, well-read people who do not have a diploma, but have high intelligence, erudition through independent study of the world, science and society.

uneducated people harder to fulfill your potential, to achieve the desired, to find something for everyone.Of course, remembering our grandparents, who at one time worked more than learned, we realize that you can go way of life without education.However, you have to overcome difficult road, a lot of physical work, ruining both mental and physical health.Ignorance can be seen as an isolated cube in which the person lives, not wanting to go beyond its borders.Around will boil and bear raging life with gorgeous colors, full of bright emotions, understanding, awareness of reality.And whether it is necessary to go beyond the face of the cube, to enjoy the true, the fresh air of knowledge - to be addressed only to the person.


educated people - it's not only those who are well graduated from high school, and the school has a high-paying job in their field.This image is extremely versatile, includes standards of behavior, intelligence, good manners.

basic qualities of an educated person:

  • education;
  • literacy;
  • ability to properly communicate and express their thoughts;
  • politeness;
  • commitment;
  • culture;
  • ability to behave in society;
  • erudition;
  • desire for self-fulfillment and self-improvement;
  • ability subtly feel the world;
  • nobility;
  • generosity;
  • exposure;
  • diligence;
  • sense of humor;
  • determination;
  • wit;
  • observation;
  • ingenuity;
  • decency.

term "educated person" is interpreted in different ways, but most importantly in all definitions - the presence of education received in different ways: by means of the school, the university, self-education, books, life experience.With the knowledge that each of us can reach any heights, to become successful, self-realized person, a complete unit of society, perceiving the world especially.

It is difficult to do without education, in fact, any area of ​​activity requires certain skills, abilities.And to live in the world, nothing about him knowing, like primitive man, is absolutely senseless.

In conclusion In this article we covered the basic criteria for determining the educated person who answered the question, what it means to be a cultured person.Each of us sees and looks at things according to their social status and the ability of perception of the world.Some are not even aware that for an intelligent person to talk bad things offensive to the interlocutor.Some also have learned this truth from an early age.