What overconfidence

Many studies in psychology leads to the following conclusion: the cause of the error in judgment is excessive self-confidence of people.Such quality, oddly enough, prevents to achieve the goal.But it is believed that a confident person can achieve a lot, because it is completely focused on your goal, not noticing their shortcomings.It is very important not to confuse self-confidence and arrogance inherent to most people - that it is a major problem.Such people do not recognize their mistakes, they believe their opinion the only correct means of communication, are likely to be conflicts and misunderstandings.In different situations, you should always act in a meaningful way, and such features as overconfidence, hinders development.Under certain conditions, this quality can be even a plus, but it's better middle ground than extreme kind.

too confident people are not able to notice their mistakes and, therefore, to correct them, they will not be taking setbacks and failures as a matter of course.

course, harm humans and low self-esteem.In this case, it is sure to appear complexes, which are very difficult to get rid of.In fact, overconfidence - it's excessive self-confidence.Especially great harm it can cause to the moment when it comes to financial issues.So, too self-confident investors can take unwise decisions that affect their own interests, and a powerful effect on the overall market.

only correct solution for these people will be to find the causes of inflated self-esteem and try to eliminate them.Only in this case it will be possible to understand exactly what you need to improve in your life.Sometimes, excessive self-confidence can make it difficult to monitor their physical condition.Convinced of the superiority of man over other people overestimate the ability to monitor their health, resulting in the possible dire consequences.

So overconfidence leads to an underestimation of the risk to health - such people find that they can not be at risk of ill something serious, such as cancer or indigestion.But it is important to understand and be aware of the full extent of the importance of time in any serious situation.If aware of the risks associated with such bad habits like smoking and alcohol, and overeating, it can be much faster to give them up.When a person believes that he is above all, he was not in danger, at any moment it is likely to make some mistake that will lead to serious consequences.

overconfidence causes a person to self-medicate, to take over the functions of a physician.Not paying any attention to the variety of symptoms that may be harbingers of a serious illness, you can only hurt yourself, because the time to seek help from a specialist, you can quickly cure the disease.

necessary to really look at ourselves, if necessary, listen to the opinions from the outside.And then, perhaps, you will find some middle ground.