What to feed the rabbits?

Rabbits are one of the most common types of pets.They are mainly grown for slaughter, but there are also miniature species.As in the first and in the second case for keeping rabbits need to have some knowledge, helping to care for them.People wishing to breed rabbits, you need to pay special attention not only to their place of detention, but also on the diet, it is only balanced feeding help to achieve the desired results.So, if you want to learn how to feed the rabbits, then this article is for you.

They refer to this kind of pets that like to eat many different kinds of herbs, roots and cereals.But here you have to be very careful, because amidst all this diversity of food there are so many unhealthy beloved pets.For example, beans and rhubarb may lead to serious illness and even death in rabbits.Also wrong is the belief that rabbits can feed only one granulated feed.Such a diet leads to problems related to digestion.If you want to know what to feed a decorative rabbit, then certainly not pelleted feed (at least, it should be in small amounts so as not to harm the animal).But the hay must be present in their diet is always and in any quantity.It is very valuable to those of meadow grass, because it is very rich in nutrients.

When selecting hay to pay attention to its freshness, especially if it is bought, not harvested yourself.After all, the presence of prelosti bad smell and it is unacceptable for the feeding of these animals, as will inevitably lead to their death.To prepare a lot of high-quality hay, you will never have the question of what to feed rabbits.It must lay in a pre-equipped with feeders and in any case not to leave animals at his feet.In the summer, rabbits need to be added to their diet and fresh grass, but after shearing, they have to give a little privyanut, because they should not be droplets of Russia.Also, do not allow to use grass infestation.

Like any living creature, rabbits can not live without water, so it must be present all the time.Therefore, the breeding of these animals need to think not only about what to feed rabbits, but also about the constant presence of drinking.It is desirable for this equip special drinkers, from which the animal without problems can drink fresh water.If this is not possible, you can put some capacity for this purpose.The main thing - do not forget as often as possible to change it in the water to prevent bacteria to grow.Water is important not only in the summer, when it's very hot, but in the cold period (it is recommended to warm up, if the rabbits are in unheated rooms).

As for vegetables, the rabbits love to feast on them, but they must be given carefully and slowly.Experts recommend to introduce one or another vegetable alternately and intermittently, in order to be able to watch the reaction of the organism pet.If no side, and pet rabbit feels good, so it is possible to feed such a product safely.The vegetables contain a huge amount of useful and necessary for the proper metabolism of trace elements, without which the rabbits diet is not complete.It is best to start giving vegetables to animals, which are over 11-12 weeks.In the winter in unheated rooms can not leave this kind of food in the cells to prevent it from freezing as frozen vegetables eaten can lead to negative consequences.

Grain and some fruits are also very welcome in the diet of rabbits.However, it is desirable to produce the fruit in small quantities, and also to look at the reaction of the organism.Rabbits love to chew, so it is advisable to give them to eat whole corn cobs and young branches of various trees such as plum, cherry or apple.As you can see from all of the above, an experienced breeder will never have the question of how to feed the rabbits, because the food is varied and requires no extra costs.