What is predicted in 1900

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In 1900, an American women's magazine has made a number of predictions for the next hundred years.Some of them have come true, and that some are not up to reality, we can only regret.Or enjoy.

1. The US population will be at least 350 million. People, maximum - 500 million. America will build a Nicaragua Canal, Nicaragua and then express a desire to become another state of America.Later in the US and Mexico will all the other Central American countries.

2. The increase of the average American will increase by 1-2 inches (in fact - for three).This will be achieved by improving the general state of his health, developmental medicine, good nutrition, regular exercise, hygiene measures.The average life expectancy will reach 50 years of American compared to the current 35 (in fact, the average life expectancy in the United States in 1900 was about 47 years old, and in 2000 - 76.8).People will live in the country and in the city housing in general is not - just the place for business and leisure

3. People will engage in sports since childhood.Sports at the school will be mandatory.Unsportsmanlike man or woman will be treated as outcasts.

4. On the streets of the big cities is not a car - they will move either underground or on the tiers above the ground.In large cities, the subway is.To raise or lower tier can be on a self-propelled stairs.Buses will be electric.In the same city is quiet.

5. The average speed of the train will be about 200 kilometers per hour, but there will be high-speed - 240 km / h.Thus, from San Francisco to New York City can be reached within a day.Locomotives will be streamlined in the form of cigars.They will be on electricity.

6. The car will cost less than a horse today.Car engine will weigh a pound.Children will ride in winter road sled.

7. Will and aircraft, but they do not get wide distribution in passenger traffic due to the increased danger and congestion.Their main purpose will be military functions.

8. Will fight aircraft and forts on wheels.This will create gigantic gun that could shoot at a distance of 40 km or more.Power shells will be such that it is able to level a small city.The direction of the projectile will be adjusted by special telescopes located at a high altitude.The whole air fleet bomboneprobivaemyh ships hidden behind artificial clouds will run over enemy territory.Infantry generally will not.Larger tanks will be able to develop the speed of the train.On the sea will dominate submarines with plenty of stand-alone course.

9. Photos can be sent from any distance.For example, if there is a war in China, the images from it can be viewed in the newspaper an hour after they are made.

10. The person can look at thousands of kilometers - with special transmitters.For example, the Americans will be able to see how Europe's crowned kings or give opera.The equipment will be accompanied by a special phone, and you can not only see the image and hear the sounds.

11. insect pests will be no more, they will all be destroyed.There will be mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches

12. Peas and beans are the size of a beet.The beet and sugar cane will be two times more than today - thanks to the special varieties developed by scientists.The plants will be protected on the pests as well as people are now protected from smallpox.Will new plants were selected, for example, the annual rubber, which will be collected by machine.

13. Strawberry is the size of an apple.Raspberries, currants, gooseberries blackberries - too.Strawberries and cranberries will grow on bushes.One melon can eat a big family.Apples, pears, peaches and all berries are seedless.Figs and citrus fruits are zoned throughout the United States.

14. There will be black, blue and green roses sized Kachan cabbage.Violets grow to a value of orchids.Pansies are a sunflower.You will be able to grow any flower in any color with any odor.

15. In the streets around the shops will not be exposed to any products or for sale or for advertising.All products will be stored in the refrigerator, supporting not only the temperature, but also humidity.Sellers stale or counterfeit goods will be arrested and tried.

16. From the English alphabet letters disappear C, X and Q. unnecessary.Newspapers will sound.English will be more concentrated and become the most widely spoken language in the world.In second place is the Russian language.

17. University education is available to both men and women.Classes will group.Low-income students will give out free clothes, they provide free food, books, medical care, glasses, housing.They will be put free travel from home to study, and back in the holidays.In the holiday the children will visit different countries.It will be introduced a new subject - economics.

18. The phones will be wireless, and the link itself - automatically, without the mediation of ladies operator.My husband, being in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, will be able to talk on the phone with his wife, located in Chicago.

19. Opera you can listen to the special phone in any home, and it will sound as great as in an excellent concert hall.Musical instruments will be automatic, and it will play them to anyone via electric buttons.

20. Coal is no longer used on the farm.It will replace hydropower.In each river will be installed special equipment for the production of electricity.Along the coast of the seas and oceans will be installed, converting wave energy into electrical energy.

21. Hot and cold air will flow out of the tap.For heating or cooling of buildings is a special system.The temperature of the air in it is regulated.In houses no longer tubes.

22. Instead vans to deliver products and things will be used pneumatic tube.They will stretch to 100-200 km from the central distribution systems.However, for the supply of large enterprises will warehouses where trucks will be used.

23. For the production of finished food will be set up shop on the type of current bakeries.This will reduce the price of food, as the wholesale price of the products is always cheaper than retail.Preparing food is in electric furnaces.All dishes will be washed with a special solution, to destroy microbes.

24. For farmers, it will not matter the time of year - winter or summer.Winter will be transformed in the summer artificially, like night into day.In cold weather, electrical wires, laid under the soil of the garden, it will heat up, and the plants will grow, as well as in the warmer months.This will create large enclosed on all sides by glass gardens, heated by electricity, which can provide plants with light - as it is required.Seeds treated with electricity, will provide new types of plants.

25. Oranges grow in Philadelphia.Fast flying refrigerator will deliver fresh fruit from the tropics in a few days.Farmers in South America, Africa, Australia and the islands of the South Seas (where the summer when we have winter), will supply us with fresh food that can not be grown in our climate.Melons and other fruits can be stored all winter, like potatoes today.

26. To treat the internal organs will be established drugs that have to be taken inside in small quantities.The internal organs are transparent to the research.Through special microscopes can see and get a photo of any organ of a human or animal.It will be possible using invisible rays.

27. Rats and mice will be destroyed.Horses virtually extinct.Only a few rocks are preserved rich people for racing and hunting.In cattle and sheep, not horns.

28. Electric marine vessels will move at a speed greater than 90 km / h.Touching the surface of the court will not be - between them and the water is a thin layer of air.They will be no friction on the water surface.The ships will be equipped with electric propellers.During a severe storm the court will be submerged, and wait out the storm there.

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