Coming into an inheritance after death

Coming into an inheritance after the death of a relative accompanied by a number of formal procedures.Vesting may prevent claims made by third parties, the lack of some of the required documents or elementary ignorance of the basic laws governing this area of ​​human relations.

Inheritance means moving property rights to it to the other persons entitled to do so legally.Who has more rights to inheritance after the death of her husband?His wife, children and parents?Who Cross the inheritance after his father's death?Answering these questions helps knowledge of the laws.

There are two modes of inheritance: by will and by law.The last mode is valid if it is not changed by the will drawn up in advance.

In the Civil Code imposes strict time limits within which everyone can take advantage of their right to inheritance, must submit a notarized statement or take the action specified in the law, is regarded as the actual entry into the inheritance.Term equal to 6 months from the date of registration of death.

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entry into the inheritance after the death of the law in the following order.First of all have the right to inherit the children, spouses and parents of the deceased.Only then are the grandchildren and their descendants, who are entitled to inherit the principle of representation.

entry into the inheritance after the death of a bequest possible if all conditions of its legal registration.The will must be in writing by the person himself, made out his will.At the same time people make will be fully operational.Available will must be certified by a notary public or persons having a legitimate (head doctors of hospitals, ship captains, the chiefs of the expedition or prison).

entry into the inheritance after death: the rules of registration

Join rights in two ways: by means of the application and the notary acceptance of the inheritance actually.

When applying this must be done at the place of residence of the testator.You can do it personally or by mail service (subject to a notarized statement).The application included a number of general and additional documents.Common documents include a passport from inheriting the person document of the death of the testator, requires a certificate from the place of residence, and a document proving kinship.

additional documents are the following individual cases:

  • inheritance apartments - a warrant or a document of title, a document about the absence of arrears in payment, a copy of the account, a document from the BTI with the assessment of property, plan apartments.
  • inheritance of the land - a certificate of ownership to it, the passport BTI ownership of the site, reference BTI, certificate of tax debt lack cadastral plan indicating the value of the site.
  • inheritance car - a certificate of ownership to it, score on the day of death.
  • inheritance securities and treasures - the name of the JSC, LLC, an extract from the register of shareholders, passbook or deposit contract, etc.

On set of the required documents the notary gets the case of inheritance, discovers a circle of heirs, expects their share.After six months, it must issue a certificate of the right to enter into an inheritance.This document should then transfer to the institution of the Federal Registration Service to get the document on the state registration of rights to property transferred.

actually taken the inheritance is considered the heir of the entry in the management or ownership of property, the implementation of the cost of maintaining the property, its adoption of measures aimed at the preservation of property and protection against damage;payment of debts of the testator.In this case, the ownership of the estate should be recognized by the court.