Seashells and sinks

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Agree, is now rare to meet someone who is not attracted to him to showcase, on which in large quantities placed seashells, pebbles, perfectly honed saltwater remnants of glass and unusual coral.

And how many here are gifts depths of the sea every year we bring, returning both overseas and local resorts?That's right - hundreds!In truth, it has already become a kind of tradition to come to rest, taking as a souvenir a piece of another world, where there resuscitates a rest, relaxing bliss and some special inner freedom.

Seashells.General information

In accordance with the scientific terminology, the usual shells (or clams) are called external hard shell snails in all shapes and contours.They present a particular luster, and most are able to shine in the sun.

It should be noted that they all exist in the oceans in different environments and on a completely different from each other depth.

Many empty shells can be found on the sea shore, in the bays near the rocks in shallow water in the sand and under the silt.From the point of view of science, seashells, names are quite difficult to remember, are of great value in terms of studying ways to adapt to the environment.

This deals with a special and very promising area of ​​science, known as mariculture.Incidentally, the term literally into the Russian language can be translated as "the culture of the sea."But the collection and study of shells refer to sections conchology.

By the way, not to mention that today in nature, there are many species that take away from their natural habitats is strictly prohibited.Disregard for the law severely punished, and violators can be spotted a huge fine.

main types of shellfish

inhabitants of the seas and oceans, having a dense shell, commonly called shells, usually fall into one of two classes.

  1. Gastropods, which have a solid shape coil or spiral with a hole in the right.Some species have a covering serving their original hatch for closing the shells.Their shell can be horny and lime.
  2. bivalve molluscs as water, in turn, different shell consisting of two symmetrical parts.Their habitats can be both salt and fresh water.

Sinks salt water of the oceans, as a rule, are very beautiful and varied.All of them are distinguished by their color, size and shape.Take, for example, such a representative, as the shell starfish.Almost every one of us knows what it looks like this kind, but at the same time, you see, even in his own collection gathered we do not even find two completely identical copies.

Is it true that the shell could be heard the song of the sea?

From childhood we all know that if you make any, even the smallest stone to the cochlea ear will hear the sea roar.And many would argue that it does not depend on whether, when and where were assembled those or other seashells.And today around this very interesting fact has formed a few theories.

First, unjustified theory is that the shells reportedly retain a noise of the seas and oceans.Though it is sad to say it, but it's no more than a fiction, not supported by scientific.

The second theory states that when held close to the ear of the subject people hear the sound of blood flow on their own blood vessels.But this fact is quite easy to destroy.For example, you see, after intense exercise blood circulates through the body at very high speeds.In this case, the noise in the shell should be changed, but it is not happening.

third theory says that the shell can be heard the sound of a stream of air moving through it.It becomes clear why the sound will be louder when the shell to bring to his ear, and weak - if you keep him around.This idea is also refuted, we need only to put an object into a special soundproof room.In this case, the noise of the shells disappear completely, but the flow of air in it remain the same.

After finding all this it is clear that the sound of the ocean from the shells is heard only when it is around the sink.In this and established the most truthful, the fourth theory.

In fact, the sound of the sea - a change in the ambient noise that is reflected from the walls of shells, so larger objects it is heard clearly.And the more the sounds around, the clearer it will be heard in the shell.It follows that it is a simple resonator chamber.

way to hear the song of the sea, it is not necessary to have a shell, you can attach to your ear, or even an ordinary cup of his palm.

inhabitants of the seas and oceans: the unusual facts

  1. What are they?Shell is an external skeleton of shellfish, which it builds for its existence.When the clam grows, increasing his shell.Painting it depends on the substance that is released from the glands, so seashells can be painted very diverse, it is the most common items in a strip line, and speckled.It should be noted that the smallest of Representatives is visible only through a magnifying glass, and sometimes reach large meter sizes.
  2. How does a pearl?Not everyone knows that the world's biggest seashell has Rapan.This ferocious predator has a sharp tongue and a drill-muscled leg.He, as all such species can "do" pearl.When clamshell gets a foreign body, it begins to vigorously defend the layers of nacre.So there is a precious jewel.This Rapan been brought from the Pacific Ocean to the Black Sea by accident, then I settled down and changed the ecosystem formed here.
  3. Is there a peculiar totems?Yes of course.For example, the cowrie shell has long been a symbol of this.In ancient times it was used instead of money, and many people consider a special sign of wealth and prosperity.In addition, the shell scallop has long been a kind of talisman for travelers.By the way, not everyone is aware of the fact that some religions revere Rapana as a symbol of man's existence and his soul on earth.

healing properties of seashells

of them agree heard is not for everyone.In the ancient Eastern medicine on the planet quite common use of cowrie shells and rapanov during a massage.

But in the modern SPA-center is now quite successfully doing massage with hot shells.It stimulates blood circulation, relaxes muscles and soothes the nervous system.

Cosmetology is also not left out.In this direction, the products are widely used for the preparation of effective anti-aging agents, in which one of the components is added a microparticle shell.

shell most expensive in the world, what is it?

is not a secret that many famous and wealthy inhabitants of the planet rather collect shells, like us, wandering along the beach or the ocean in search of a particularly unusual instance.

However, the powers that be do it a little differently.Simply buy what they managed to find another.

Overall collecting seashells called hobby of aristocrats.In order to expand their collections, they acquire precious specimens of different species, families, shapes and colors.For example, the most expensive in the world of shell Cipro Fulton was sold for 37,000 dollars.