How to build in the dishwasher 45 cm and 60 cm with their hands

Set the dishwasher can independently.This is no big deal.But if you are faced with this for the first time, you'd better prepare well before you bring home a box with the unit.

You need to understand where and how you will do the installation.What knowledge and skills you will need for this.What will you need the tools.What are the problems you may encounter.What you need to do in order to independently purchased and installed your dishwasher has worked long and reliably.

Preparing to install kitchen dishwasher

Start preparing to choose a place in the kitchen.The size of the opening section should correspond to the width of the box car.For example, built-in dishwasher 45 cm wide should be free to go to your chosen aperture and do not leave a very large gap.Here you can face two options:

  1. Installation on a new kitchen.
  2. Set in an old kitchen.

If the furniture in your kitchen is new and modern, the problems with the installation you should not be.All modern kitchen cabinets and oral standardized and suggest the presence of built-in kitchen appliances.To embed a dishwasher, you do not have anything to refine.

If the kitchen furniture you bought for a long time, the appropriate ready-made for installation, you may not find.So get ready to work a little tape measure, hammer, hacksaw and other tools.

Keep in mind that sales are most often found embedded dishwashers 45 cm and 60 cm wide.The height they can be different.But all of them are equipped with sliding legs.

Recommendations for proper installation

very useful information on how to build the dishwasher can be found in the rules and recommendations of the manufacturer.For example, built-in dishwasher Bosch (45 cm wide) has included a package of necessary instructions.

Before self-installing, get all the available information.See a couple of videos on how to make the installation and connection.You have to do everything correctly and competently.

Some useful nuances:

  • necessarily have to be done grounding.This is a mandatory norm.
  • The drain hose must not be more than 1.5 meters.Otherwise the pressure pump can quickly become unusable as a result of increased load.
  • not install a dishwasher under the cooking plate.
  • sure to install a protective metal plate under the table top.It will protect it from the hot steam and will protect from swelling and deformation.

Remember error can cost you.Unpleasant water will flood the neighbors or get a light electric shock in the absence of grounding is correct.Be careful.

Tools and materials

To embed a dishwasher, you need the following set of tools:

  1. cruciate screwdriver.
  2. wrench.
  3. knife.
  4. Drill.
  5. Cutters.
  6. Building level.

Of Materials Prepare the following:

  1. Brass tee for connecting pressure water hose.
  2. Oakum for sealing.
  3. ball valve.
  4. clamps.

If you need to increase the length of the pipeline, prepare everything you need in advance.

to seal the pipe fittings is recommended to use a tow.It is reliable and durable rubber FPM tape.

Installing the dishwasher in the kitchen section

Before you build the dishwasher, it is necessary once again to measure the gap.Make sure that the machine housing is included in the free section you prepared.All dishwashers Built - 45 cm and 60 cm - should be a slight gap between the walls.It is still necessary for normal ventilation of the machine after work.

Remove the back wall in the niche.There must be a free space for hoses and cables.Check that the protective plate under the sink.If it's not there, then install it.

Then insert the body of the machine in the niche, and adjust the extension legs so that the box is dishwasher was horizontal ground surface.To do this, use the building level.It is necessary that before the time is not out of order a dishwasher (60).Built-in equipment then easily snaps into place.

Determine in advance the place fixing screws to fix the machine body.If necessary, drill a small diameter.They come in handy for ease of entry into the body of the screw furniture.Or use a screwdriver.

Tips when connecting hydraulic

All dishwashers have the same hydraulic circuit connection.For example, built-in dishwasher 60 cm connected in the same way as the machine width of 45 cm. Here are some tips:

  • standard length of the drain hose is usually enough with a large margin.If the machine will be away from the entry point into the sewer, you will have to make further mounting sewer closer to the machine.
  • to seal the sanitary use special sealant.
  • to work with a pressure hose, you will need certain skills.If you ever did not do it, it is better to invite a specialist.It will provide you with quality and reliability.
  • If you need further consolidate the hoses on the wall, then use a special anchoring clamps.Secure the desired number of clamps in the wall and they were joined by hoses.To fix to the wall you will need a hammer.

installation of hydraulic hoses

Connect drain hose simply.To do this, you just need to insert it in the hole in the siphon.If the diameter of the inlet of the siphon is much larger than the diameter of the drain hose, use a special rubber adapters.

setting sequence pressure hose:

  1. Disconnect the water pressure in the kitchen.
  2. Disconnect any pressure hose with tap mixer.
  3. In its place, set the brass tee.
  4. pressure hose Attach the mixer to a tee.
  5. Put on free access tee ball valve.
  6. Connect the pressure hose to the tap of the dishwasher.
  7. Turn on the water and check the seal of all connections.

This sequence plumbing for machines of all sizes.Integrated dishwasher 60 cm wide will be installed in the same way that the machine width of 45 cm.

Connecting power supply

Attention!All electrical work is carried out with a power switching network.Check the position in which the switch is automatic.To make sure, use an electric probe.

to connect electrical wires using special plastic caps.They are usually supplied.

sequence of power supply connection:

  1. Remove the wiring cover latches on the rear side of the machine.
  2. Connect the wires.Be sure to connect the ground wire.
  3. Wear protective plastic caps.Simple electrical tape is not suitable.
  4. Install Electrical cover.

All.You are fully connected dishwasher.Now push it in a furniture niche and secure.Including electricity and water.Check the operation.You all should be fine.