Flag of Cyprus - the uniqueness of the country

Cyprus - a small island nation located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Turkey and Greece.The main income of the local population are agriculture and tourism.This small country was able to defeat the colonial system, to gain independence in 2004 to become a full member of the EU.


Cyprus holds 60% of the territory of the island of the same name.38% of the Turkish Republic is located North Cyprus, and on the rest of the military bases are the British Air Force.Accordingly, on the island of 2 flag.But always, when speaking of this country, as a Mediterranean country, involve independent Republic of Cyprus.

colonizer of this island has always attracted large deposits of copper, and the beauty of nature.The country's name remains a contentious issue.One part is inclined to the fact that Cyprus - a derivative of the "Cooper" - copper, others insist that the word comes from the name "cypress."In fact, the whole country is covered by forests of pines and cypresses.


flag Cyprus flag - a white canvas with the proportions of 3: 5.There are not many countries in which the silhouette of the country placed on a state symbol.On a white canvas depicts the island itself is presented as a silhouette.Apply paint it a bright copper color, representing themselves huge deposits of copper - the national wealth of the Republic.Under the country's silhouette depicts two stylized olive branches dark green, crossed at the base.They represent two of the people inhabiting the island of Turks and Greeks.

interesting history of this flag.In the period of independence from the domination of the United Kingdom, during the rule of President Makarios, it was a competition for the best idea in the development of the layout of a new flag for the modern Cyprus.Many people responded to the call to develop a symbol for their country.As a result, the competition was won by an ordinary schoolteacher named Ishmetov Güney.And he received 16 August 1960 the independent Republic of Cyprus flag, which is still used today.It was a date fixed in the approval of the state symbol.

emergence of the second republic on the island

Until 1974, the island was united Republic.But in 1974, after the occupation of the island by the Turks, there was another flag of Cyprus, owned by the new state.This panel has a standard size with two parallel red stripes on the sides.At its center on a white background shows a Muslim symbols - a crescent with a star.This state has been called - Northern Turkish Republic of Cyprus.

In 2004, a referendum the UN was unable to reach consensus on the unification of the two states.Residents of Cyprus did not support the idea of ​​the United Nations because of the insufficiency of the commitments on the withdrawal of Turkish troops and a weak argument withdrawal plan.

and remains a small island under the leadership of the two countries.Each of them has its own character that has a proud name - the flag of Cyprus.