The strongest metal: what it

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From childhood, we know that the most durable metal - it's steel.All the iron we associate it.

Iron Man, Iron Lady, steel character.Uttering these phrases, we mean incredible strength, strength, hardness.

a long time in the production of arms and the base material was steel.But steel - not metal.More specifically, it is not quite pure metal.This compound of iron and carbon, wherein the metal contains other additives.Applying the additive alloyed steel, i.e.change its properties.Then it is processed.Steelmaking - is a science.

most durable metal is obtained by the introduction of the relevant steel ligatures.This may be chromium metal which imparts hardness and heat resistance, nickel, steel making firm and elastic, etc.

For some items, steel began to displace aluminum.As time went on, growing speed.I do not stand and aluminum.I had to ask to titanium.

Yes, because titanium - the most durable metal.To make steel high strength characteristics it started adding titanium.

It was opened in the XVIII century.Due to the fragility of its use it was not possible.Over time, getting pure titanium, engineers and designers interested in its high specific strength, low density, resistance to corrosion and high temperatures.His physical strength exceeds the strength of the iron a few times.

engineers began adding titanium to steel.The result was the most durable metal, which found application in the environment of extremely high temperatures.At the time, they did not maintain any other alloy.

If we imagine the plane, which flies three times faster than the speed of sound can be represented as warmed metal sheathing.Sheet metal skin of the aircraft in such circumstances, warmed up to + 3000C.

Today, titanium is used without limit in all areas of production.This medicine, aviation, manufacturing ships.

very clearly we can say that in the near future, titanium will have to move.

Scientists from the United States, in the laboratories of the University of Texas in Austin, open mode of production of the thinnest and most durable material in the world.We called it - graphene.

Imagine technical carbon plate with a thickness equal to the thickness of a single atom.However, such stronger diamond plate and a hundred times better transmits electrical current than silicon computer chips.

Graphene - a material with amazing properties.He will soon leave the laboratory and rightfully take its place among the most durable material universe.

even impossible to imagine that a few grams of graphene will be enough to cover a field to play football.This is metal.Pipes made of this material can be laid by hand without the use of lifting and transport mechanisms.

Graphene, like a diamond - it is pure carbon.Its versatility is astounding.This material is easily bent, perfectly formed and well rolled up.

to him have already begun to look closely manufacturers of touch screens, solar cells, energy storage devices, cell phones, and finally, the superhighways of computer chips.