How to form the personality of Tsar Peter the Great.

In the history of the Russian state was a lot of different rulers: the great diplomats of great strategists and military genius.But only one combination of all these qualities - Peter the Great.He was called a genius reformer crazy bully and the Antichrist.How to form the personality of Tsar Peter, what factors influenced this?

Unusual king

Peter A. Romanov was very different from their predecessors.Undoubtedly, among them was a deep hereditary link.But the rulers of Russia were the owners, who anxiously guarded the country's wealth for themselves and used for the wrong hands.A son of Alexei Mikhailovich was king-worker in the truest sense of the word.Fourteen jobs that were owned by Tsar Peter the Great - this is not a fairy tale but true.

nature of the first Russian Emperor Peter the Great

had a complex and contradictory character.His lively, irrepressible curiosity and glibness thought he had inherited through the maternal line.As a child, he was clever and handsome boy, is very differen

t from his co-ruler, his brother Ivan.

main traits of Peter had a quick temper, impulsiveness, sensitivity and distrust.When he could not intelligibly explain something, it is easy to fly into a rage.In this state, he often clutched his cane.By the way, the king quickly and moved away a few minutes later he could forgive the offender.But its simplicity was deceptive.Peter asked to contact him without a title, but in the case of apparent defiance verdict was swift and brutal.

how to shape the identity of Tsar Peter the Great?What makes it so different from the rest of Russia's rulers?The answer is to be found in the earliest years of the little prince.

Childhood Peter the

About the birthplace of the future first Russian Emperor, is unknown.Call several prospective locations, but precise data the researchers there.

Trying to understand how to shape the personality of Tsar Peter the Great, it is necessary to turn first to his parents - those who have a direct influence on him since birth.

In 4 years he lost his father, who loved him very much.Alexei Mikhailovich, presenting his son toy soldiers and pistols, the first child was born in the interest in weapons and military training.According to contemporaries of the king, in his childhood, he was not interested in any other toys and fun, except the military.

Father, wanting to give young son proper military training, put to him by Colonel Meneziusa as a military instructor.So it was that military affairs Peter began training earlier than literacy.It was a minor heir, then 4 years.Getting started with a letter for him at age five.

Education of church books for a living, and the child was restless this flour, so Nikita Zotov, the teacher of a minor king, trained him and then the popular "comic" picture book.Much attention is paid to the study mentor Peter Russian military history, telling of the exploits of Alexander Nevsky, Prince Vladimir and Ivan the Terrible.

to ten years, calm and carefree prince lived with his mother near Moscow, in the village of Transfiguration.It was built for him earthwork with guns, where he and his "amusing" troops, recruited from peers can engage in military affairs, playing in the capture of the fortress.

Childhood Peter the Great was not cloudless.Streletsky revolt in 1682, which was a minor witness, Peter, could not help but leave imprint on the psyche of the child, causing the breakdown of the future emperor.Because of this the king's face in moments of great excitement distorted cramps.

After coming to power, his sister Sophia was sent back to Transfiguration.Zotov was removed from him, and the young heir was to himself.Other idle life would be ruined, but integral and active nature of Peter did not allow to kill the curiosity and desire to learn new things.He himself later said that he really did not have enough knowledge, not received as a child.

Tsar Peter A. studied to death.At age 14, he learned about the astrolabe and instructed him to bring her out of France.Then he found the Dutchman, who was able to outline to show how to handle the appliance.Talented young man that was enough to further understand yourself.It always has been.After seeing or hearing about something unknown to him, the king immediately comes on the idea to explore new business and would not rest until he became an expert.So when he saw an abandoned boat, he had learned to swim in it and even laid his own yard.


how to shape the personality of the king Peter I?This question is very interesting, considering the fact how much he differed from his predecessors.Setting the young heir has played a huge role in the upbringing of the qualities that were inherent to Peter the Great.He was lucky - first the father, and after his death the elder brother Fedor paid much attention to the upbringing and education of the heir to the throne.Teachers Menezius and later was set to Peter clerk Nikita Moiseevich Zotov, instilled in him the desire for knowledge and maintain interest in everything new.

companions and closest to the king's men were Franz Lefort, Alexander Danilovich Menshikov, Paul Yaguzhinskii, James Bruce.

first Russian emperor - a brilliant reformer or a tyrant?

judge the personality of Peter the Great difficult.It is closely intertwined opposing traits.Irascibility, cruelty, vengefulness side by side with hard work, curiosity, insatiable thirst for life, cheerful disposition.The uniqueness of personality Peter I was that he had a strong thirst for knowledge and an enormous capacity for work, with which sought to transform backward in all respects Russia and make it great power.