Secrets of nature: the shy and gentle.

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Most people prefer to fall in love and build a relationship with bright and popular personalities.However, having gained experience of life, as many spouses choose partners calm, practical, kind and gentle.All these qualities are really able to make married life more calm and stable.But before we draw up a detailed list of requirements for a future husband or wife, try to understand: a quiet man - is what?

obedience and humility - a dignity?

important to understand that the quality of any nature is positive only in certain situations and areas.In the other areas it is only an obstacle on the path to success and personal happiness.If you believe the definitions dictionaries, small - a flexible, calm, peaceful, ready to reconcile people.At first glance, these characteristics do not have to do anything wrong.And if you think about - very close to the positive humility is such features as lack of initiative.Let's have a meek husband really nice - family life will be measured, without scandals and quarrels.But sooner or later the time comes when for their happiness will have to fight - to showcase their skills to get a job or be persistent in any government organization to process important documents.In such situations, meek people are lost, they rarely have enough perseverance and determination.

origins gentle disposition

There is no single answer to the question of the formation of character.Some psychologists say that personal characteristics and behaviors of a child receives early in life, other experts put forward the theory of genetic predisposition.We have found that a gentle man - a calm and good-natured personality.Why do people grow up like that?There are two most likely causes.First - this is particularly education, and the second - lack of confidence and their own abilities.Any parent wishing only the best for her child, but sometimes it results in excessive care.Many girls are told from birth that a woman must obey her husband completely, be humble and docile.Similar patterns are found in the education of boys - they also say that the gentle disposition - it's good, you should avoid fights, and their opinions should not uphold the "gang" of ways to exercise physical force.The most common of these problems in intellectual families, where parents have a high level of education and morality.

How to win gentle girl?

Despite his passivity and lack of access, modest girls really like the guys.The problem is that many young people today just do not know how to make the acquaintance and friendship with these ladies.Most importantly - do not behave too intrusive and cheeky.Even positive standard compliments during the first meeting may be perceived negatively.It is important to remember that the gentle girl - this is a real princess.She will appreciate the romance and attention of the interlocutor.To please a girl should be allowed to tell her about yourself, ask leading questions.Show how much fun you listen to the interlocutor and be sure to praise her.Compliments should not be too much, otherwise it will look like flattery.Evaluate the first achievements, personal qualities and knowledge of the girls, talking about the appearance in the last turn.It is much more appropriate to say that it is nice and interesting person, rather than just praise the beauty.

How meek like a young man?

Modern girls are accustomed to the fact that guys are always the first to get acquainted with them, and after trying all sorts of ways to fascinate and to win.Do not forget that the meek man - this is not an insidious seducer or "conqueror of female hearts."In order to make friends or to have a love relationship with this young man will have to try to the girl.The most important thing - to try to talk with this guy, he is sure to be pleased attentive listener.If it is possible - ask for help, for example, in school or work, demonstrate a desire to learn what he knows perfectly.All men love to share experiences and teachings with others, for the timid young man is a great opportunity to believe in themselves and their strength.

How to get rid of modesty?

submissive, humble, shy, gentle - it's all we can say about you, or someone of the people close to you?All these qualities are something good, but if they develop too much and interfere with life, you must work on yourself.The main task - to learn how to express their opinions, to get rid of fear when dealing with other people and believe in yourself.You should start with determining the quality of your own character, from which you would like to get rid of: shyness, passivity, gentleness.This listing will help you understand on what exactly should work.Highlight the main issues: meeting new friends, public speaking, self being in crowded places.What is given to you with a special work?There are many ways to improve your communication skills and get rid of complexes.You can try to proceed slowly, overcoming one goal after another.There are "shock" treatment options - for example, to force yourself to do something that you are a long time could not decide.For help in overcoming shyness can turn to professional psychologists.