Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary - one of the most famous characters in horror films.Stories about it periodically can be read in the newspapers and see on television.It chills the soul and tickle your nerves, but whether or not to trust everything they say?

Bloody Mary legend that lives on to this day, for the first time looked at the reader from the pages of the magazine in 1978.That's when the writer Janet Langlo described her story.In those days, in the US it has been extremely popular among teenagers.About it told and retold at a party.Girls and boys performed rituals invoking the spirit appear.The true origin of the legend is not known.Opinions on this matter differ.Some people believe that Bloody Mary - a witch, which in ancient times was burned for witchcraft.For others, it is an ordinary woman, who died in a car crash.All agree that the tragedy had happened to her in Pennsylvania.

According to the most popular version in the forest lived an old woman alone.She collected herbs and has some special kind of people to services related to the alleged witchcraft.People called her Bloody Mary and an old woman tried to bypass the house party.Touch her, no one dared, because, as an experienced witch, she could send down any curse on the family and the home of the offender.People believed in it deeply and secretly harbored a grudge and the old woman.

At one time, in the nearby villages began to disappear little girls.Parents, and all the locals were searching the countryside in hopes of finding them alive.But there was no trace of children.Someone came up with the idea that the blame for Bloody Mary.Emboldened, desperate people went to it.However, the old woman denied everything, but people were not able to prove anything.

One daughter of one of the peasants got out of bed at night and tried to leave the house.It is time to stop the frightened parents.The girl was in a state of hypnosis, screamed and tried to escape, to go to the forest.Noise heard and neighbors came to help.On the edge of the woods, they saw the hateful old woman who conjured calling the girl to him.Angry people rushed to her, and this time the old woman could not get away.She was caught and burned at the stake.After that, near her house were found the graves of missing children.Burning at the stake, witch shouted the same curse.Anyone for mentioning her name three times in front of the mirror, is brutally murdered, and his soul will burn forever in the fire.

Another version of the legend, which is used in the film - Bloody Mary was Mary Worthington.She was brutally murdered.Her torturer cut a girl's eyes.She died before the mirror, and her spirit then it possessed.Mary tried to write the name of his killer, but failed, and the mystery is gone with her to the grave.The ill-fated mirror transported to different cities and traveled with him and the spirit of Mary.In a rage, she brutally killing anyone who dared to call it.

Pictures Bloody Mary with a bloody face inspire fear.It is not a big deal the question of how we came to this legend.Many people believe in it and try to summon the spirit of the unfortunate girl or the evil witch.Perhaps someone succeed.But we have this hardly know.