"Seventh Heaven" - a restaurant in the Ostankino tower

«Seventh Heaven" - the name of the restaurant complex, located in the housing Ostankino television tower in Moscow.

legendary Ostankino Tower

The history of Ostankino television tower dates back to 1957.Nikitin developed a project of the tower for one night.The aim was to ensure the construction of powerful radio and television signal at an altitude of about 380 meters.

Ostankino Tower - architectural building height of 540 meters.Build towers from 1960 to 1967.In the construction and development of design attended LI Batalov, DI Burdin and many other architects.At that time, the tower was the tallest structure in the world.Today at its height, it ranks fourth in the world and first in Europe and Asia.

Restaurant in Ostankino tower "Seventh Heaven»

Since the founding of the Ostankino television tower and the opening of her restaurant in the majority of visitors attracted by far the kitchen, and the very location of the institution.For most tourists "Seventh Heaven" was a kind of Mecca, which is at least once in their life have to visit.Attendance in the day the restaurant was about 130-140 people.Diversity in the 90s kitchen is not spoiled, but even that did not stop the visitors.

Planning Ostankino tower restaurant "Seventh Heaven»

After a long and entertaining tours of inspection sites to tourists, of course, I want to eat.Especially since every day it is possible to do it at an altitude of about 350 meters.The restaurant at the Ostankino tower, photos of which can be seen in this article consists of three floors at a height of 328-334 meters.If you compare it with tall buildings, it is about the 112th floor.Each floor of the restaurant has a diameter of about 18 meters and rotates on its axis once or twice per hour.Since the time base of the tower in the institution have visited more than 10 million people.The restaurant serves both European, Eastern and Russian cuisine.It provides a nice romantic atmosphere - in the open air, with panoramic views of Moscow and the Moscow region.Visit the restaurant in the financial plan will not be a problem for tourists, as it offers affordable prices for food and drinks.

After the fire, which occurred on Aug. 27, 2000, the restaurant was closed for restoration.In order to restore the restaurant to its former beauty and make it more modernized, the architects needed more than one year.

restaurant "Seventh Heaven" after restoration

After several years Muscovites again talking about that again put into operation in the Ostankino tower restaurant.The opening of the restaurant is really caused among residents and visitors alike a great stir.Among the best restaurants in Moscow Panorama "Seventh Heaven" takes the first place.It is the most visited by tourists and residents of the capital.On a tour of the tower after the restoration comes a lot of tourists.Despite the fact that two years ago on the discovery and restoration of not enough money, and the company holding the case, became bankrupt, today a restaurant in the Ostankino tower works.Most architects shared their doubts about the restoration of lookouts and restaurants, but these difficulties have been overcome.Before the opening of all the banquets held in the concert hall "Royal", which was designed for 100 guests and was at the base of the Ostankino tower.After opening the restaurant has surprised its visitors with variety.

Renovated in "seventh heaven" had more elegance, modernity and taste.In three large halls with a virtually identical layout tables along the windows are located around the perimeter.Such an arrangement has been planned for guests was convenient to admire the panorama of the city.Today halls, as before, rotating around its axis, and with the same speed - one or two times per hour.

Each of the three rooms available service of various kinds.In one of the rooms, which is called the "height" are cafes offering tasty food and quick service of guests.It's very attentive staff."Russian Diamond" - hall in classic style, located on the "height", created specifically for lovers of fine cuisine.

«Jupiter", the third hall, located on two levels.There is also an observation deck with a telescope and "cognac room."

menu, all three rooms are always present:

  • pancakes;
  • meat of different varieties;
  • soup;
  • dumplings;
  • homemade pies.

Visiting a restaurant, tourists get double pleasure: from the panoramic view, and from the delicious food.Nice, quiet and calm, polite and friendly staff make the evening a memorable one, be it a romantic date or a simple meal.

Visitors reviews of the restaurant "Seventh Heaven»

Numerous visitors institution (as the inhabitants of the capital and the guests of the city) leave a lot of positive reviews about the restaurant "Seventh Heaven."He is considered the most attractive and unusual among such restaurants as "Swallow", "Seasons", "Kruazh", "Darbar", "Panorama".No one remains indifferent to dinner at an altitude of 350 meters.