Trustworthy if your counterparty?

counterparty - is your business partner: concept brings together buyers and suppliers of goods, works or services.In fact, under the contractor understood the treaty relationship.Reliable, honest and conscientious contractor - is the key to successful implementation of the planned transactions.

But how to protect your business from failure to partners taken on contractual obligations?After all, as a rule, in such cases, you can not only suffer losses, but also violated its own obligations to third parties, and this is a cause damage to your reputation.Therefore, the beginning of the contractual relationship must be preceded by work on the study of all available information on counterparties.Check contractors may be carried out in-house your company.To do this, ask the responsible persons of the future partner is not only commercial and technical parameters of the deal, but the founding documents.First of all, examine the extract from the register to the current date (the information can change, so last year's statement will not work), this document, you can get information about the founders and members of the company, information about the payment of the share capital to retrace the history of life of the company: how oftenchanged the owners of shares and shares, as stable counterparty.

It also confirms the proper status of the counterparty, its capacity and not finding in the process of liquidation or bankruptcy.Note that, due to the openness registry extract can be obtained independently, by submitting a statement to the Department of Registration Chamber.You should also request a copy of the Constitution, the text of which will allow to get acquainted with the powers of the executive body of the legal entity, to compare them with the planned transaction.If to be a deal that could be large for the company, be sure to check that the decisions approving the supreme governing body of the company, since its absence in the following may be grounds for invalidation of the transaction in court.

Always worth checking the absence of the company in question in the "black list" of unreliable enterprises, published in the network.And how to check a company in terms of financial stability?Ask the company to present to you a copy of the financial statements, together with the balance of the profit and loss account for the previous period, a certificate from the tax debt lack of Taxes and Duties.The official website of the Arbitration Court, you can easily view the information of past (and present in the present tense) trials, a defendant in whose favor your counterparty.

It will outline a detailed portrait of the company, expressed a desire to cooperate, which will give you the opportunity to decide on whether to enter into a relationship with this company (and under what conditions the risks are minimal).But disagreement potential contractor to submit the balance sheet, statute or other information should alert you, for transparency and openness - a sign of confidence and integrity of counterparties.