Terms of oversized cargo in Russia

in everyday activities of manufacturing and construction companies there are various situations that require non-standard solutions.Non-standard - it does not mean illegal.Moving from one place to another three-dimensional structures are usually carried out on an individual plan.It is known that the Russian Federation has strict rules on the transport of oversized cargo by different modes of transport.In a special document provides a clear definition of the parameters of goods assigned to this category, and the length of the route on which you must perform their transportation.

Immediately it should be noted that the rules of transportation of oversized cargo by road is primarily governed by the general rules of the road.The second point that should be taken into account in the implementation of the transport operation - follow the instructions on the operation of the vehicle, which are designed by the manufacturer.In the calculations, it is necessary to achieve uniform load distribution on the axles of the vehicle.It is necessary to ensure reliable fastening of transported construction.It is mandatory to be taken into account terrain, on which paved road.

Rules of transportation of oversized loads require implementing operations of this kind pay close attention to the selection of the route which will run transportation.Since the transportation carried out on public roads, it is necessary to take into account the density of traffic flow in each section of movement.To this we must add the following when choosing a vehicle, you need to obtain the consent of all the participants of the event.Regulations for the carriage of bulky goods recommend to develop and coordinate with all concerned agencies and services transportation plan - the place and the method of loading to the destination and method of discharge.

At first glance, the carriage of bulky goods (in this respect the rules are simple and clear) should not cause any difficulties.However, in order to obtain a permit to transport, have to travel a lot of work.You must first apply to the local branch of the federal motor-road service.Shall be accompanied by documents that contain characteristics of cargo, loading and unloading place, route.The road may amend the permit.This is due to the fact that we have to perform a lot of coordination with related departments.

It may be railway service, energy and other agencies whose communications are found on the route.Then, since the application is approved, you must contact the local traffic police.It is given a pass for the movement along the route, the number of coordinated support crews.Rules of transportation of oversized cargo determine those responsible for the violation of certain conditions of transportation.With this in mind, all involved parties must be very officials attentive to the performance of their duties.