Modern migration policy in Russia

If we talk about how a Russian migration policy, then you need to consider a number of important points that are directly related to the process of movement of large masses of people.Among them there are refugees, displaced persons and migrant workers.To learn how to manage the processes of movement of streams, reason many people.Beginning and ending with senior politicians philistines who observe the life of the window of his apartment, everyone is trying to find a recipe or the principle of creating an effective control mechanism.The urgency of this problem is obvious to almost every able-bodied citizen.

major political figures, as they should be concerned about the fate of the country as a whole.Our country has a border with eighteen states.Just to protect the frontiers throughout their length, need a big and organized force.A workforce is already not enough to ensure sustainable economic growth.Russia's migration policy in the current form of the annoying and some ordinary citizens.Especially those who do not have permanent employment and, as a consequence, a decent level of income.They believe that visitors from abroad take away their jobs.In this context it should be noted that the migration of Russia also takes place.

If the quality of migrants from the former Soviet Union is poor, then from Russia to the civilized countries tend to go by qualified professionals.They have, even by European standards, a good education and professional skills.The majority have a good command of foreign languages.A large part of them have successfully adapted to the new conditions and finds a decent work.At the same time Russia's migration policy does not react to the processes of this kind.Of course, regret and lament about the "brain drain" sound very often, but in practical terms nothing has changed.

While experts predict analysts and the negative processes in the country will increase.The next 15 years could be crucial for the country's further development.The number of people of retirement age will continue to grow.Legal capacity of the population is aging, and its replacement for the newly born is just not enough.Low fertility and low life expectancy exert their negative impact on the overall situation in the country.Even migration to Russia a large number of people from neighboring countries will soon be able to help deal with the shortage of labor.All these facts indicate that the mechanism of entry and exit from the country should be changed.

According to statistics, more than four million Russians live in the territory of Central Asian states.All of them - the citizens of the former Soviet Union, which under certain conditions can move into the territory of the Russian Federation.Surveys are carried out punctually, convincingly prove it.It is necessary to perform only one condition - it is necessary to make the Russian migration policy was more flexible and humane.And pigeonhole this conversion is not necessary.