What is the executive authorities of the Russian Federation

executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation have different names and have a multi-faceted structure.Endowed with such authority to local administrative and government institutions, sectoral and cross-sectoral management (for example, the Ministry of Health and the like).The bodies of executive power, are in the territory, are in the field.

All employees of these institutions are engaged in management activity.They perform various functions to manage subordinate structures and areas.This does not include maintenance staff, that is, to those employees who only provide facilities for the performance of office.

The vast majority of such bodies are the persons holding high positions (President, governors).They are both the executive and legislative - all rolled into one.In some regions of the head is a collegial body.This means that it contains a few people.

powers of heads of subjects defined by the Basic Law - the Constitution of the Russian Federation - or legislative statutes.The heads of the country, cities, counties, districts are selected by a vote.

powers of the person representing the authority shall terminate upon:

  • going abroad for permanent residence;
  • resignations;
  • resignation if the legislative bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation
    have reason to express their distrust to that person;
  • liability for a judgment of conviction,
  • recognition of incapacity,
  • death or declaration of missing persons.

In the case of termination of the head of the subject person who withdrew, should obtain information about this from the local election commission.President of the relevant documents may be obtained from the head of the federal prosecutor's office, removed from the workplace (temporarily) the head of the subject.

If the person has stopped its work, the executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation are required to nominate new candidates for consideration.In cases where it is impossible to find the right person for this position, the President appoints his own.But he also makes it a temporary period.

executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation subject to the President and the Government.They make laws and amendments on the basis of all the provisions of the Constitution and can not act without the consent of with them.Actions that do not conform to the laws of the Russian Federation, may lead to the application of criminal penalties.In this regard, the authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation before creating an order or an amendment to the law, sent it to the Government of Russia.

When we speak of a collegial body, it means that the highest official in it is not assigned.Decisions are made collectively.The duties of these bodies include:

  1. carry out economic and social formation of the subject.
  2. create the best conditions for individual entrepreneurship.
  3. protect and defend the rights of all citizens.
  4. engaged in foreign economic development of the subject.
  5. protected natural resources.
  6. exercise control over all of the organization and management in the subject.
  7. engaged in the development budget and its proper distribution.

All of the duties performed by executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation shall be responsible to the laws of the Russian Federation.