Cemetery "Rakitin."

Everyone wants to bury their most expensive people in a worthy place, where the tomb is well maintained and is surrounded by beautiful scenery.After all, everyone wants to come to a cozy place to be able to pay tribute to their loved ones.Cemetery "Rakitin" - is a ritual complex, which hosts the burial of the dead.

little history

Cemetery "Rakitin" was founded in 1985, it got its name from the homonymous small settlement, which is located about 10 km from the Moscow Ring Road in the direction of the Kaluga road.The area where the disposal is carried out, is part of the Orthodox funeral center.Sanctifies cemetery rector of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral in Red Square, the father of Arkady.Since the opening of the funeral complex buried here, and the simple and well-known people.

holy abode

Cemetery "Rakitin" - a well-natural area, which is perfectly landscaped.The complex is a small church where the funeral service is performed service and the dead.The temple in honor of St. Innocent (he was the Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia) sanctified and gave a blessing to serve in 1998. In this chapel you can order the service for the dead, to honor the memory of close relatives, to acquire all the necessary attributes of a Christian.

Designated graves

Besides the usual places for graves, the cemetery organizers offer special elite families of the dead land.This place is located just a few steps from the church.It is designed according to the rules of the funeral business, besides the master of the cemetery cared about the beauty and comfort of the elite areas.Wonderful fountain made in stone, symbolizes the continuous flow of time.This creation came up with the famous master Salvador Dali.

Beautiful alleys, wide aisles and convenient approach and the entrance to the site where the burial is planned - the main advantage of this cemetery.In addition to the burial in coffins, are carried out and burial of cremated remains of the dead.

Ancestral burial

few years ago at the cemetery, "Rakitin" revived almost lost tradition of lifetime buy generic (family) array for further burial of the dead.Family sites offer the opportunity to create a real monument of the entire race, where you can come and pay homage to all the near and dear people.In addition, you can choose the location of the site in any place of the cemetery, elevate it to your liking, decorate unusual monuments and green spaces.

Available services

Funeral Complex provides all the necessary services related to the burial of the dead.If you wish, during the burial tomb decorate pine branches, beautiful drape the walls you liked cloth.Lowering the coffin can be carried out depending on the preferences of relatives: on the white towels or use the lift, which is slowly lowered the coffin.

If you can not visit often dumping, you can make use of the regular care of the grave: it will clean, keep safe crosses and monuments.

You do not have to look for the establishment of socialized ritual services: the cemetery operates the store with all the necessary commodities: monuments, tombstones, and more.You will be able to choose the product that is right for you at the price: starting from the budget option and ending with the monuments, made to order.These are services provided to the cemetery, "Rakitin."Opening hours of the funeral complex: from 10.00 to 17.00, regardless of the day of the week.

Convenient location

note that funeral complex is very convenient: the reach of excellent transport links, a lot of public transport, a short distance from Moscow.In addition, it is possible to stop off at the funeral complex by car.

Burial spend every day from 9 to 19 hours (May - September) and from 9 am to 5 pm from October to April.This is the basic schedule provided in the cemetery, "Rakitin."

How to get to the place of burial of the dead?By car or by bus №№ 515, 398, 427, 512, 433, 514 to the stop "Rakitin."

pay their last tribute to their friends and relatives - a sacred duty of every human being.Therefore it is necessary beforehand to worry about choosing the cemetery and the plot for the burial.