The highest layer of the privileged class.

Society can not be uniform, there are always those who can, wants to get more, and those who are in every way just trying to survive.This article will talk about "supermen" or "nedobozhestvah" - the aristocracy.


class - is a historically constituted a group of people in a society in which the one related to the ownership and division of labor.

In any society there are often three main classes:

  • lower (oppressed);
  • highest (ruling);
  • average (living foods oppressed, aspiring to higher).

in different historical periods existed classes slaveholders and slaves, feudal lords and peasants, the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, and others.Each class has its own layers, which further divide, divide people.

Higher layer of the privileged class

Everyone strives for better living conditions.But there are peaks in the community, which is almost impossible to achieve, so special to be born, to get to the privileged class.

princes, nobles, the boyars - the elite of the Russian society of the 18th century.

In the beginning there was a man, he is in a difficult situation turned out to be stronger, smarter, faster than others, he began to respect and praise.Thank extended to his children and future generations.

So initially everyone can earn respect and reverence, so formed the famous race.Several of these genera evolved into a class.A man from a higher layer could proclaim himself equal to the other for special services - to give the title (ranked as some layer).

more actively developed (delaminate) the company, the harder it was to get into the top layer of the privileged class.As a result, the opportunity for the layman is almost reduced to zero.

Russian aristocracy

"Know", "aristocracy" - all terms for the upper stratum of the privileged class.

People who are fortunate enough anyway to be reckoned to it, have the opportunity to receive a better education, to travel, to do science.Before they opened the whole world.

But in tsarist Russia for the top layer of the privileged class has a great responsibility.These were the main representatives of the Powers, face the country, and they had to look accordingly.

This included education, foreign language skills, the political situation in the world of etiquette, fashion, dance, martial and fine arts - all.In any field of human activity aristocrat was supposed to be the best.

In children brought up striving for the ideal - valued honor, intelligence, virtue, compassion, and all the light that should be in person.

Any aristocrat much better able to cope with the many challenges of life in general and life in particular, compared to many modern women.