Monument to Cyril and Methodius in Moscow and Murmansk: history and photos

Coming from a religious mission to the Slavic lands, they have done a great deed for the development of culture and science, which can not be overestimated - made early cyrillic alphabet.They - are brothers, Cyril and Methodius.Monuments them are in Russia and in the cities of the former Soviet Union: the Khanty-Mansiysk, Samara, Sevastopol, Odessa, Kiev, Moscow and Murmansk.With each year they become more.Why is that?


began these events in eight hundred and sixty-second year, when Prince Rostislav sent a petition with their ambassadors in Roman lands, that enlightened people were sent to carry the word of God in Moravia (Bulgaria).

This mission was entrusted to the brothers - Cyril and Methodius.They were famous for his erudition, intelligence and Christian deeds.

brothers were born in the family of the soldier - the chief of Thessaloniki.

Cyril Methodius was younger.He studied in the glorious Constantinople, was strong in the sciences, and Magnavrsky University accepted him into the walls of their teaching.It also appointed a tutor to the young Emperor Michael third.Even the nickname Cyril was - "philosopher."

eldest of seven brothers - Methodius was in the military service, which followed the father.About a dozen years ran a Slavic area, and then retired to a monastery, but in everything diligently helped younger.

arrived to Moravia with his disciples, brothers, or rather Kirill made the alphabet for the Old Slavonic language.According to her companions moved the main Christian books from Greek.

had done a great job, but the Roman Church did not appreciate the work of the brothers, identifying only three sacred languages ​​for the true word of God - the Hebrew, Greek, Latin.

Upon his return to Rome Cyril overcame a serious illness, and after a month and a half he died.His brother went back to Moravia.There all his life he served for the benefit of education and orthodoxy.

In eight hundred and seventy-sixth year Methodius made the same resolution read sermons in the Slavonic language and translated it OT.


monument to Cyril and Methodius in Moscow - a monument.It consists of a pedestal and two statues - the brothers are standing next to his full height.In the hands of Cyril and Methodius held the main attributes of Orthodoxy - the cross and the Holy Scriptures.Before the monument is a lamp with the "eternal" unquenchable fire.

On the pedestal the inscription: "Slavic first teacher Saints Cyril and Methodius. Grateful Russia."It is inscribed with the Old Church Slavonic alphabet.Modern language and literature found there five grammatical errors!

Where is

monument to Cyril and Methodius in Moscow, opened in 1992.The event is timed to the holiday devoted to the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture (twenty-fourth of May - Day of Remembrance of Cyril).

monument to Cyril and Methodius standing at the entrance to the Ilyinsky Square.Previously, there was a Hall of Fame, where the industrial enterprises of Moscow region during the Soviet era have posted photos of their best workers.

This part of the park was renamed, now it is called the Slavic area.


annually monument to Cyril and Methodius in Moscow - the starting point for celebrating a holiday devoted to the Slavic culture and literature.At the pedestal pronounced fiery orations, bring flowers.

contrast Slavyanskaya Square is Church of All Saints, Moscow, so sometimes passes by the monument procession that looks very symbolic.

Many tourists do here beautiful photos - a monument to Cyril and Methodius belongs to the attractions of the capital.

Monument in Murano history

monument to Cyril and Methodius in Moscow, by its very existence to the active work of the Murmansk writers.

It was there, in the Arctic, since 1986 began to celebrate the Day of Slavic Writing and Culture.After some time, the date made and the state began to be celebrated throughout the country.

In 1988, a group of Soviet writers was on an official visit to Bulgaria.There came the idea - a monument to the authors of the Slavic alphabet in Murmansk.Do not just put, and give a sign of gratitude for the people of the city revival of this cultural tradition in Russia.

Murmansk Monument to Cyril and Methodius

monument in this city is exactly the same monument, which is located in Sofia at the entrance to the National Library.

Cyril and Methodius Statue cast in bronze.They stand on the plinth of concrete.Under the whole composition is a firm foundation, it consists of twelve plates of granite.

Up to now have not reached Enlightenment graphics.But the author (Vladimir Ginovski) created a concise and majestic images.Cyril - a young man with a thin face spiritualized.His hand holding a pen.Methodius - mature man with a strong and wise eyes, in his hand the Holy Scriptures.Both are dressed in clothes of the monks of their time in their hands a scroll with the beginning of the Slavic alphabet.A copy of the monument created by the author of the original.

monument was consecrated by His Holiness Patriarch Maxim of Bulgaria Bulgaria's Independence Day (the third in May 1990).After the ceremony of consecration of the monument educators Cyril and Methodius was officially handed over to representatives of the city of Murmansk.

trucks that transported the monument to the height of six meters, has overcome more than four thousand kilometers.Along the way, participants with a valuable cargo of Slavic visited cities like Varna, Odessa, Kiev, Minsk, Novgorod, Petrozavodsk.In the Black Sea were on the ferry.

And twenty-second of May the same year the square near the building of the Murmansk regional scientific library announced a solemn speech at the opening of this wonderful monument.

The park is set not only a monument to the base, but also prepared ground in front of him, decorated stone fragments.Himself Square framed gray granite blocks.But that is not all.The plans of the architects restored pedestal stoned him monolithic polished stone, which should adorn a few belts of ornament, which consists of the Old Slavonic alphabet letters.