Neglect - this refers to a person with disrespect

Russian language is rich in words that can transmit different shades of emotion.For example, the lack of respect for a person can be expressed in every one - contempt, carelessness, neglect.Therefore, to ignore - it means to treat someone or something without proper attention and respect.

In this article we will discuss the meaning of "neglect" the relevance of its application and that the word refers to as character traits.

use of the word "contempt»

Despite the fact that our language allows us to accurately express their feelings and emotions that we do not use these opportunities (and I want to say here "ignore them").Many words are simply not used for everyday speech quite enough vocabulary Ellochka-ogress.Social networks have reduced the human spoken language to the two phrases - "Like" or "not Like."

Instead of the word "neglect", the values ​​of which many do not know, a lot easier to say that "it is not necessary", "it is not interesting" or "I belong to it without proper respect or attention."What refers to the word and when it is appropriate to use?

«neglect": meaning

word "neglect" as a noun (or the "neglect" as a verb form) expresses a whole galaxy of meanings.If we are talking about a person who is neglected, it means that we do not respect, do not cherish, do not consider worthy of our attention.Neglect can also be something inanimate.For example, "neglect using", "neglect someone's attention," "act of neglect."The point here is the same - using the word, a man has in mind that it is perfectly cost and without the subject.Synonyms of the word "neglect" is the word "contempt", "arrogance".A man who disregards - ignore, do not respect, do not take into account, shrink, violates principles, turning a blind eye to what is happening or winks.On the other hand, the antonyms of the word is the expression of "respect for someone ',' treated with respect."

Neglect as a character trait

Neglect is considered to be not very good quality.For example, you are absolutely confident in their abilities and skills and know what other people's advice or tips you to anything.

Instead of gratefully willing to listen to us good people, most trying to help this neglected.This occurs at some unconscious level.Perhaps, in order to show their own importance and superiority or else because of the banal lack of respect.If you do not want to seem like the kind of person, then do not neglect the more unexpected and unsolicited advice.

«Neglect" in proverbs and sayings

word "neglect" is not often used in folklore.By and large, at the hearing, most people only one saying: "His mind live and good advice not despise."

As you can see, folk wisdom also conveys that it is not necessary to abandon the moral support, even the one not asked.Neglect - rather, it is a sign of a small mind than wisdom and awareness.

use of the word in modern creativity

few years ago, the word "neglect" has returned to the lexicon of youth arugula singer (real name Manija girl) with her song "neglected."This song appeared in 2007 and became a hit on the local radio stations and music channels.This song became famous singer, and later on it had a video-known showman and KVNschiki Semyon Slepakova.The text of the song refers to the relationship in which the woman of his personal reasons related to the beloved is not very good.Within the meaning of the song, neglected - is to treat the person without due attention.