How to gain confidence: Top 5 Ways

you want to gain confidence in themselves?Yes, it is excellent quality, enabling a positive but realistic about yourself in any situation.As a rule, it is not given to man by birth and brought up a meticulous work.However, it is worth noting that confidence does not arise magically overnight.One wishes for a little of this, have to work hard.Your goal - to understand that you are a good man, worthy of respect and love.

How to gain confidence in the 12 steps

  1. Accept that you are insecure.Understand the causes of this phenomenon: What makes you feel uncomfortable, shy, causes shame?This could be a children's psychological trauma from the careless remarks of ridicule parents or friends.Whatever it was aware of it, and stared dispassionately examine his alleged lack of, makes you feel worse than others, understand his inconsistency and ... forget about it!
  2. discuss the situation with family or friends.If you can change its drawbacks - Do it immediately (buy a gym membership, sign up for a dance, a consultation with the stylist or beautician, foreign language courses, and so on. D.).If not - take them for granted, highlights your personality.
  3. Forgive yourself.Remember, no one is perfect.There are times when even the strong and successful people feel insecure, but this is only temporary emotions.Treat your misses with a smile.
  4. Create a list of its advantages - because each of us has strengths.Identify your talents and try to express through them your inner world.Self-doubt - it imposed itself as a victim state.Stop feeling like a victim!Do not worry if your list of abilities was more than modest - think about what you would like to do, and safely handle the case, even if the inner voice cries out in panic, that you do not come out.Will, how!
  5. Remember the words of the philosopher is not the rich who have a lot, but the one who wants a little.This does not mean that you should not strive for the best, on the contrary, ambitions - your advantage.However, be thankful for what you have.The next time you catch up with an attack of self-pity, think of the homeless animals, starving children, terminally ill people, orphans.They are really bad, and you - just lucky!
  6. Be positive always.Even in a bad mood you should try to radiate optimism.Do not feel sorry for yourself and do not let others do it.
  7. Do not be afraid to accept compliments.When you say you look lovely, is not worth it, rolling his eyes, to issue a tirade about the bags under the eyes (which, by the way, except you, no one sees) and so on.You just smile and say "Thank you".
  8. always smiling himself in the mirror, do not seek out flaws in it, and mark-esteem.
  9. Play a self-confident person.Imagine that you're playing with friends in the forfeits, and you fell the task to spend a day (or hour) in the form of an absolutely confident person.You'll see, in the evening you will not want to part with this image.
  10. Be principled, always and everywhere.This will cause the respect of others.
  11. Whenever possible, help the people around you: be engaged in charity, help the old lady with the heavy bag, the fallen child, a homeless puppy.By helping others, we become better, and besides, you know what people need and make positive emotions in their lives.
  12. Avoid perfectionism - it can hinder you in achieving your goals.

How to gain confidence quickly

Psychologists recommend this to work out, or enroll in a dance studio.The fact that the sport promotes the synthesis of hormones of happiness - endorphins, develops coordination, grace, a positive impact on the figure.The complex it enhances self-esteem.

How to gain confidence with the help of psychological training

Now there are a lot of training for all occasions.We are also interested in training for personal growth or even trite pickup - they learn to interact effectively with others, to accept yourself as is, and a positive look at the world.

How to gain confidence in themselves, playing

Popular Now role and psychological games are also an excellent trainer for such purposes.Ideally, perhaps, be spontaneous theater: he teaches to show their emotions, to express themselves, to behave in various, sometimes quite unpredictable situations.Even the well-known game "Mafia" teaches how to gain confidence in themselves because within it people trying on new roles and learn to be natural.

How to gain confidence: shock therapy

If you - quite a shy person, specially created for itself a stressful situation forces you to constantly be in the spotlight, to interact with strangers.Soon the situation will be familiar to you.

Confidence - is not a collection of some skills, and state of mind, which is in each of us - just need to open it in yourself.