Why dream of worms - Friends Rescue

You do not dream of worms, dear readers?You understand that we may dream in dream anything.At least, my neighbor recently dreamed worms, and he came running to me for answers.He calls me home shaman and on any matters related to metaphysical reality, appeals to me.Then I offered him to go fishing, but later opened downers.They have me a little.

example, what dreams worms in the light of interpretations of Russian dream book?Good is a dream!You will either get an inheritance or a wealthy man have forged friendship.And you know that with the Who lead ...

But new family dream book gives a different answer.This dream, according to the compilers, warns you that around you, some people are going to spin the evil scheming.And these people are shameless.Although, if it was a dream of a young woman, then it is really a sign indicating its desire for the spiritual and material values.Will be crowned with success if these aspirations, dream interpretation is silent.

Why dream of worms, which you use in fishing as bait?You can safely rely on his innate ingenuity because through it you'll be able to beat your opponents and come out the winner in any litigation.

In some cases, the dream tells you to care about the health and recommends to do a close.

Why dream of silk-worms?Friends will not disappoint you.It should appeal to them, and they will rush to your aid.It is written in old French dream book.A dream book Shuvalov said worms dreamed sign of accumulated worries you.Perhaps it is a consequence of any conflicts in the family and at work.

What dream worms rain, according to the authors of the Chinese dream book?Well, there's a full order.In cases you promised happiness, especially those associated with life in the village.Maybe it's time to go to the cottage or visit relatives in the village?

What dream worms young woman?If they are crawling on her, then she is interested in the life of the main achievements in the material well-being.But if she dumps them in their sleep, on the contrary - the material side of life, he was disappointed and all its aspirations for spirituality.Spiritual values ​​it will put on the first place.It was the eastern women dream book, and we look at the Dream Miller.

To what worms dream this time?Dream Miller also warns about the intrigues around you.And you will be upset by such actions of unscrupulous and dishonest people in their own backyard.Basically, this dream book duplicates already received our answers.

But this source I personally open the first time.If you ask - what dreams Dream book worms by Meneghetti, it turns out that people (mostly men) who looks meek and docile, actually turns out to chervotochinkoy.It turns out that he's just a good disguises his negativism.Be alert, just in case!The same may be a wormhole and a woman, if you dream a dream man.

Dreams Azarov said that not only worms, but worms dream joy.To dream of worm-eaten wood - bear the loss.Killing the dream of worms, you avoid unpleasant reality.Very useful for the interpretation of the Assyrian dream book, eat worms in his sleep.Those who dream of eating, he will achieve unprecedented success in all things.Togo are big honor, triumph.

In the children's dream book did not find anything good.To dream of worms and disease to different failures.Instead of interpreters in 1829 it states that if in a dream you see or eat worms, the gains and profits are guaranteed.I agree with this interpretation of the sign and the Slavic dream book.This profit!So clearly and unequivocally it is written.

And let me stop here and wish you this most profits in all that you feel good for yourself!