Aksinia: meaning of the name and destiny

Aksinya - the name of the principal and the most beloved heroine of Sholokhov.Severe, persistent, selfless love Aksinia became an example for many women, the embodiment of the devil and the freedom-loving Cossacks freestyle.The name was very common in the Don, it is still common in the villages.What women wear name Aksinia?The value of the name - "stranger", "guest".All Axinya, Xenia, Oksana, Aksyuta do often stand out among his entourage as foreigners are allocated in small towns.By the way, there are different opinions about the origin of the names of Xenia, Oksana, Aksyuta.Some scientists believe that this is equivalent variants of the name, while others are confident in their independent origin.

Aksinia: meaning of the name and nature of

girls with quite a rare name in the childhood experiences deliver a lot of parents.On the one hand, they grow silent, obedient, calm.But an innate sense of justice compels them to constantly seek the truth, to protect the offended, to speak out against dishonesty.It is not surprising, therefore, that both friends and enemies in small Axinite enough.Add to this the inherent mobility, lack of balance and emotional, it becomes clear how difficult Aksinya.

meaning of the name also implies that these girls just need the approval of others.Axinya often an intellectual, but not so much for himself as for his surroundings.If the girl stop paying attention, she literally wither like a flower in the desert.Lack of focus and stability hurt hurt her, but also tempers the character.Aksinya - the name, saying that its owner is able to learn from their mistakes.Growing up, going through the heartache, Axinya mostly become excellent leaders.They literally shine at work, achieve amazing results and are very fond of travel.In general, women with this name very fond of traveling and often prefer them any rest.The team, led by Aksinia usually very appreciate it: not often meet the heads of which relate to employees as their own family.

Aksinia: meaning of the name of love

name is difficult.If a child girl with the same name are doing everything to attract the attention of boys, then sixteen years old they are no longer lack the cavalry.They, on the contrary, become intelligible to his handpicked high demands.Axinya accept courtship, because choosing a husband, who then love for life.If you are looking for a sample of his wife - a Aksinya.The value of the family in its life is very high.She - a good mother, mistress, wife and mistress.However, the desire to constantly supervise and to be seen is often difficult home life.And she Aksinia time to grooming children to love her husband, to keep the house in perfect order, and still be a great leader at work.Helping her in this capacity to adapt to the circumstances, the ability not to take decisions to clarify the circumstances of the full and natural vitality.