Pricing policy

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Pricing in the enterprise consists of several interrelated stages: the collection and analysis of information about the market, the formulation and justification of the objectives of pricing policy for a certain period, the choice of methods of its implementation, set the level of prices and the development of a system of discounts and allowances to them, the adjustment of pricing policydepending on market conditions.

Pricing policy is a mechanism for the adoption of certain decisions concerning the behavior of the company in the market to achieve the main goals of economic activity.

are three main objectives that enterprises seek to achieve by implementing pricing policy: sales promotion, retention and market to maximize profits.The choice of target determines the essence of which will be characterized by the pricing strategy of the enterprise for a certain period.

main primary goal of enterprises who feel competition in the market, is to ensure the marketing of their products.This is particularly important in an environment where there is more unique products offered by other manufacturers.Selecting this goal it is conditioned by the fact that consumer demand in terms of abundance of goods price elastic.Whether this goal can be attributed to the desire of the enterprise and to maximize sales and increase profit by reducing the total income from each unit of goods sold.If the company is ready to understate the price, it will contribute to the expansion of sales and seizure of a vast niche in the market.

If the company seeks to maximize profits, then it should be to maximize the profit of the current.This can be done after evaluating the demand and costs, from which you can choose the price that is able to compensate for the maximum costs.

To keep the market using pricing policies is necessary to maintain the existing state of the market, which requires the adoption of measures to reduce competition or preventing the decline of sales.

Pricing policy is a complex phenomenon, it is influenced by many different factors.Therefore the choice of the general direction in this policy, the main approaches to the development of prices, especially accompanied by the sale of the service, and other areas of need to justify the data obtained as a result of detailed data analysis of marketing research.

Prices and pricing policy of the company is one of the most important components of the company's marketing.Prices depend directly on the other sides of the organization, they are largely determined by the commercial results.

meaning of the pricing policy reduced to the establishment of such prices for the products to seize the largest possible market share and achieve the planned level of profit for strategic development objectives.

Pricing policy links all private solutions (for a breakdown of price range, Extension prices, the prices of new products, coordination of prices with competitors, discounts, etc.) in an integrated (single) system.

Each company approaches to the problems of pricing depending on the characteristics of their own economic realities.Great influence on the resolution of these issues have a service sales managers of economic and accounting services.

to set prices for products, the company based on market research, as well as takes into account the degree of regulation, the dynamics of demand, the impact of competition, the needs of wholesale customers, and others. Factors.This takes into consideration economic criteria, internal and external.

internal criteria may make the specificity of products, production process, market strategy, mobility, production, marketing, service in sales, etc.

external criteria may be political instability, lack of resources, inflation dynamics, the nature of consumer demand, etc.