How do you know that a guy like you?

be able to understand their feelings, of course, is good, but sometimes you want to understand and feelings of others.How do you know that the guy likes you, even if you have no experience with the opposite sex?

understand the attitude of a young man - quite simply, if you - life experience sagacity woman.However, if you still have not had any experience with the guys for sure about their feelings and aspirations you can not.Even if you ask directly, shy, or who wants to hide the fact the young man in love can lie and stop communicating with you, afraid of opening prospects.

However, there are some common things that are important and common to the vast majority of men of any age.It is necessary to use these features in determining the presence of feelings.

sure sign

How do you know that a guy like you?It is quite simple, if we compare the behavior of experiencing warm feelings for you and the rest of the young men of average guys.At first glance, the girl may seem (and usually do), that guy is too inhibited and can not put two words together.Such excessive shyness only in your presence - it is love.

desire to attract your attention - it is also a sign of some kind of sense.If a guy says hello to you every day, trying to talk, smile and provides you all kinds of signs of attention - he can not feel for you some sense.

Look - this is the third sign of the faithful.Love the guy and takes him, he stumbled on a counter-view of the object of adoration, or assigns after a pause spent in confusion.Some women recommend felt a strange sight, put it out of the window or on the clock (the lover's eyes, under hypnosis, will look in the same direction), and then - sharply to face the object of adoration.He certainly puzzled, as if he was caught for some distasteful.

Dangerous moments

It is understood that not all young men are equally disinterested in their emotions and desires.Did not they like you, and your young beautiful body, with which they hope to have a good time.It should be able to distinguish really experiencing some warm feelings from those guys who want sex.

also worth distinguishing casually-hamovatoe behavior from trying to provide tokens.Excessive familiarity hackneyed banal compliments - a pattern of behavior typical pubertal macho, for whatever reason are not deprived of the girl's attention and experiencing pleasure from it.The purpose of this behavior is the selection klyunuvshih on ostentatious slope of girls: the rest so Lovelace simply too lazy to spend your time.

And, of course, if you feel the attention and the location of several guys at once, it is desirable to define prospects and label them, to those who have no chance, did not build unnecessary illusions and did not take offense at your decision.Otherwise, trouble may occur as yours, and at your chosen one, forced to argue for your feelings with other fans of yours.

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