Dream interpretation: an engagement ring protects against infidelity

If you had a dream - a wedding ring, what associations you have personally with this symbol?Probably come to mind such expressions as "a covenant of love and fidelity," "union of hearts" and the like.With this you will be close to self-interpretation of dreams of this kind.That compares with the aforementioned phrases engagement ring dream interpretation Vanga.

is also a range of specific events in your real life, and the opportunities and challenges that continue to move along this circle.According to the dream book, a good wedding ring to wear in dreams on the ring finger of your loved one.So you get a sign that your honesty in deeds, devotion and constancy in love will be appreciated and rewarded.

If you pull on a finger obruchalki a stranger, soon a problem that seemed insurmountable to you, step back into the past.Some circumstances brought you a lot of trouble, almost anguish, but help is just around the corner as reported by the dream book.

engagement ring that does not fit your size, tells

you that at this time in your heart, no real, deep feelings.

other words - you do not love anyone, so long as it is not necessary to build a solid plan of life together.A bad omen is, as many readers already know if the ring during the wedding ceremony, drop to the floor, or if it will fall to the ground with your finger (on the floor).In particular, if the same thing happens in a dream.Life is a serious test prepares you for what you have broken the oath of allegiance, or given to someone the word.

If not broken, it seems necessary to search for a different meaning of the dream.And we turn to the Millers dream book.A wedding ring that sparkles in the women's dream, shiny, emitting light, portends her protection against infidelity, getting rid of some unpleasant hassle.It is not good if you have seen this symbol broken or lost.Then the reality will be a lot of sad.Especially if you - a woman.

Common Dream Book: wedding ring, shining a bright light shining, interpreted in practice, as in the previous source.Care will disappear, and the beloved is true only one you will never change.Losing or breaking the ring - not good, we just learned from the previous Dream Miller.Here, however, specifies that you will be sad because of the dissimilarity of characters with your lover, but it is possible and in real life tragedy, the death of a loved one.

fact, this source of interpretation of dreams duplicates the previous interpretation, so let us take a different example, Ukrainian dream book.Wedding ring, according to him, a dream for the wedding if it is made of gold.But silver portends trouble dreamer either sex.

Family sonnik engagement ring is associated with the already known to us the events in the real world.Almost anything previously unknown to us here.It is good that the compilers of the different dream book unanimous - we do not have to doubt because of disagreements.However, let's look into another book on relevant topics.

Dreams Miss Hasse is well known and quite popular.Often we turn to this source for the study of dream symbols.It's all very well if you do not lose the ring.Then it's to the chagrin, but in other cases for good: wedding, fidelity in love, happiness in the family and in general in all spheres of life.

Although the material provided is sufficient, I looked a few dream-books, and everywhere in one form or another engagement ring in a dream interpreted the same way.You have the wedding will take place soon, if, as the English dream book, a wedding ring you personally put on your finger.That's what you and I wish you and all the best!