If suddenly you dreamed of a snake ...

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Dreams - is an integral part of the human subconscious.Each regularly sees the dream, but often forget about them in a moment of awakening, but some of them still remain in the memory.

If you dreamed of a snake, then wait for any changes in the smooth flow of your life.Moreover, the probability that they occur - 85% as "snake" is the most reliable and rare character that failed to decrypt person.

Most often people dream snake tree branch.If you saw a dream, we can expect improvements in health.Soon will take place morning sickness and fatigue, a sense of lack of sleep.People who have recently been injured, this dream promises speedy healing.In general, the snake on the tree symbolizes the vitality and well-being.

Sleeping snake promises extraordinary discovery of secrets and universal truths.Shortly before you open wide horizons, as a sleeping serpent is a symbol of wisdom.Of course, do not expect anything extraordinary, but what you learn can help in building a strong relationship with people will allow more successfully conduct their business.

Those who dreamed of a snake in Kubla with offspring, is more cautious about others, as the dream symbolizes the emergence of potential enemies.The more aggressive are the snake, the more crafty and cunning will be your enemies.If you had a dream that would be able to defeat the creeping creatures that in life you get out with honor in this unequal struggle with foes.Otherwise, be prepared to fail and try to reduce potential losses to a minimum.

actively crawling snake symbolizes the victory on the sexual front.This may be a long-forgotten secret desire or a meeting with someone, which you have long dreamed of as a sexual partner.Also, this dream promises healing from diseases of an intimate nature.

need to be very careful about those who had a snake bite.This is an alarming sign warning about the appearance of a serious opponent.If you dreamed of a snake venom bubbling over, and you feel as the poison spreads through the body - you will not be able to overcome his opponent.If the snake is not poisonous and when they bite a broken tooth, or you do not feel the poison in his body - you have a chance to win.The main thing - it must be remembered that you can not apply your mind that you are afraid of it, then the trouble will bypass.

Those who dreamed of a black snake, soon faced with injustice, that will be impossible to avert.Similar meetings for people with a weak character can turn into depression or heavy drinking.Resist the temptation, as it will not solve the resulting problems - be strong!Evil has a habit of passing, and soon everything will return to the groove.

if the dream of a snake is very large, then soon you will meet new, interesting people.The main difference will be that you will hardly become to communicate with them, if initially aware of their lifestyle.It can be a variety of strange people occupations and hobbies, from Satanism and ending thirst for charity at the expense of themselves.Afterwards, you will be able to accept their point of view and thus broaden their horizons.

should be especially careful to those who dream of snake neck, as most often it symbolizes betrayal.It is very difficult to predict which side it will happen - either you meet with someone is much more attractive and interesting, or your significant other will go in English.

In any case, do not much upset if you saw a snake in a dream, as is likely, such a dream is a product of your subconscious mind and embodies in a single picture all that has accumulated during the day.