Dream interpretation: the lion is a symbol of great strength

friends, and you know what dreams of lions?You do not accidentally read this information.Apparently, readers are interested in the interpretation of dream symbols.Perhaps you have had a Lion.Know that in this case, hidden inside of you great strength.We are not talking about your physical abilities, but rather about the abilities that are in the field of metaphysics.Well, let's look more closely into the meaning of this symbol.

What prevents us dreamed a lion?For me personally, this animal is associated with greatness, power, power.Something like this gives us the Millers dream book.Leo during sleep - is the power that you have in reality.Subjecting the dream of the king of beasts to his will, you will come out a winner in many enterprises.But if you were defeated by that establishment, is unlikely to be able to oppose the enemies in the real world.

also says the dream book, a lion, a prisoner in a cage, you dream of as a kind of warning.The future success in all cases will be completely dependent on how you can do it in the intrigues of envious people.And I did not notice you in a dream also the trainer of wild animals in a cage with a lion or near?This is also good because it suggests about your luck.Maybe you minion of fortune?Your knowledge and business acumen will bring you the favor of influential people, both male and female.

There is the biblical story in which there are these powerful beasts.This is how the prophet Daniel was in the pit with the lions, and they did not touch him.You are a woman and you dreamed of something like this?Then, he says the dream book, lion promises you success in love and wanted a new relationship.Fate favorable to you.Roaring Lion dream dreamer both sexes as the messenger of serious, albeit unintended, achievement awake.However, if the animal is in front of you and growls at you, showing his fall, you will not be able to achieve power in real life.

Sitting in a dream riding on a lion, you will be courageous and persistent in achieving an important goal.The skin of this creature as a good dream, happiness, prosperity.

See more dream interpretation.Lion - a symbol of power, royalty, tyranny possible.If he's in a dream is in the cage, the Dream Book of Nostradamus predicts the decline of powerful states.The problem is that the military leaders of this state more indecisive and at some point fail to show courage.

Can you imagine this formidable creation of nature, play with the little dog?But if you dream it, then you will connect with some real human ties and a long friendship.More broadcasts this dream book, a lion with a wound to the heart may portend an insult inflicted on a person who as a result of the act shall die.

Generally this character is good from the point of view of the authors of many books, interpret dreams.Compiled Dream book Tsvetkova sure that this vision promises you wealth.If you are caressing a lion in his sleep, then soon you have new, tender, loving relationship.So says Hasse Miss Dream book.And the roar of the beast dreamer calls for caution.

killing a lion in his sleep, waking you become influential and powerful.If you dreamed of a lioness and her cubs, do not you self-deception?It is interesting to interpret the symbol and esoteric dream book.Leo, looking aggressively says that you crave power, and in the future your wish will be granted.

If the animal is calm, you aim for self-expression.The dead lion in a dream or removal from skin warns that your excessive ambition unfounded.Recommended calmed down, revising its claim to life.French dream book authors believe that the lion promises you an important meeting in real life, and cubs promise happiness in the home, family life.Allow me to wish you happiness and good health and success in all!