How to calculate ovulation?

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Ovulation - the process of release egg from the ovary to the uterus, where it can meet the sperm and fertilized.That is, ovulation - a time when a woman can get pregnant.How to calculate ovulation?This question interests and those women who can not get pregnant for a long time, and those who want to conceive a child at certain times of the year.The period before ovulation, and directly, ovulation - the time most suitable for conception.Once this period is called the fertile phase, ie the phase in which a woman is able to conceive a child.

with the processes in the body everything is clear, but how to determine ovulation ordinary people?Do not look within the ovary in the middle to watch for ripened egg?Of course not!To calculate ovulation, there is not one but several relatively simple methods.

calendar method

This method involves monitoring of their menstrual cycle and counting days start and end of the cycle.Determination of the fertile period based on the following calculations: the last day of the period favorable for conception is determined by deducting from the longest cycle numbers 11, and from the very short - 18. For example, the longest menstrual cycle - 33 days, and the shortest - 29 days.Then from the longest cycle, subtract 11 (33-11), we obtain 22. Because of the short cycle subtract 18 (29-18), we obtain 11. Thus, from the 11 to 22 day cycle may conceive, that is the most favorable period forpregnancy.

cervical mucus method

This method requires observation and careful attention to your body.There are three types of mucus:

- lack of mucus ("dry days»)

-prozrachnye and oppressive isolation;

- muddy, sticky and white mucus.

Follow secretions several times a day, noting the changes in the calendar or in a journal.The last day, when there is a clear viscous mucus and the next three days, and is the most favorable time for conception.

basal temperature

This method is considered the most basic method to calculate ovulation.The basal temperature is measured in the rectum.Do you need this procedure every morning, without getting up from bed at about the same time.The data should be recorded in the basal body temperature chart, which you can get at the doctor or print online.According to the curve on the graph, you can determine the date of ovulation.

Normally, with regular menstrual cycle, the basal temperature in the first half of it is at the level of below 37 degrees, and in the second half, after ovulation - above 37 degrees.With the beginning of a new menstrual cycle temperature drops again and so is repeated each cycle.Around the middle of the cycle, one or two days prior to ovulation, there is a decrease of basal body temperature and release an egg a day is observed rise by at least 0.4 degrees.Based on these data it is possible to calculate ovulation.

tests ovulation

In addition, there is a very easy way to accurately determine the time of ovulation.You can do this by using modern tests for ovulation, which can be purchased at the pharmacy.Typically, in a standard package contains five tests to be carried out every day until ovulation.The instructions to the test is a table where each woman taking into account the duration of the entire cycle can look at what day it is necessary to begin testing.The day when the test will be two red stripes, which are identical in brightness indicates that ovulation will occur in the next 24 hours.


Also, there is a fairly reliable method of determining ovulation - ultrasound.With research, you can determine the time of maturation and release of the egg from the ovary.However, this method is carried out, not all, and those who are appointed US doctor.Typically, ultrasound is used in cases where a woman can not get pregnant for a long period of time.

Almost all methods for determining the release of the egg are based on the regular menstrual cycle.Calculate ovulation with irregular cycle is difficult.Here can help the experienced professionals who identify and troubleshoot failure cycle.