How to provoke a miscarriage

Miscarriage - a loss of pregnancy.The reasons may be either natural (intrinsic) or artificial (external).

During pregnancy, placental abruption occurs, which is a direct threat to bear a child.

In the modern world women rather difficult to conceive, bear and then have a baby due to, first of all, unfavorable environmental conditions.In addition, poor diet, most physical activity, smoking and alcohol also contribute to the emergence of a miscarriage.

doctors appeal to a healthy lifestyle, because the demographic situation is quite deplorable looks.Economics and social conditions also add fuel to the fire.

Many young girls in case of pregnancy on their own trying to stop the development of the fetus.How to provoke a miscarriage folk remedies?

Firstly, self provocation of abortion is very dangerous for the life of the potential mother.The effects can be very distressing, up to the deprivation itself from ever becoming a mother and death.Second, different midwife offer their services.Spells, incantations, and advice on how to trigger a miscarriage without health consequences, ointments or tinctures and herbal simply can not give any result.It is believed that the uterus can purify drinking an infusion of bay leaf, a pack which should be brewed in a glass of boiling water.Grandmas are also advised to take the infusion of speedwell drug, mixed with violet and burdock.

But before you trigger a miscarriage, resorting to some quack, worth several times to think.The best solution would be to appeal the doctor.

Miscarriage is in its development a few steps or levels: the risk of miscarriage, irreversible, part-time and full miscarriages.Depending on the stage of development, treatment is prescribed, if desired, save the woman her pregnancy.

Most often this phenomenon is observed in the first trimester of pregnancy.The most common cause is abnormal development of the fetus.In the second trimester causes of miscarriage are mainly carried by the mother of diseases of various kinds, as well as abdominal trauma and psychological stress situations.

When pregnancy is planned, but there is a direct threat to the life of the mother for medical reasons, the gynecologist urges the artificial stimulation of miscarriage.There are various medications.

Besides medicines, the process of cleansing the uterus can pass on their own, as well as by surgery.

Surgery offers several types of cleaning the uterus, depending on the duration of pregnancy.Medication is designed to stimulate contractions of the uterus and the subsequent purification of the embryo.

first sign of occurrence of abortion is a nagging pain in the abdomen, which can be quite lengthy in nature (hours or days), as well as spotting and bleeding.

experienced specialist will tell you how to provoke a miscarriage with the help of medicines, as well as how to restore the body after such a procedure, to minimize the negative impact on women's bodies.

In all cases, miscarriage looks the same.In the early stages - is bleeding, and later - blood clots or bubbles from the blood vessels.

be distinguished from abortion missed abortion.It occurs in cases where the fertilized egg contains an embryo or determined fetal heart rate in the second month of development.The symptoms are very similar, if not to say the same.

Wishing to terminate a pregnancy, you should consult your doctor.He'll tell you how to throw a miscarriage if a woman is not ready for motherhood.