Protection of labor in agriculture from the point of view of the state

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In the Russian Federation, despite the fact that a huge number of people involved in agriculture do not have effective laws to regulate many areas of agriculture.Protection of labor in agriculture is one of the issues which in today's time is not solved at the federal level at all.And despite the fact that the whole country there are 27,898 agricultural enterprises.Almost two-thirds of these companies have not only Agrocomplex but complex for repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery (200 of these enterprises have not only garages or workshops they include repair and engineering works).This allows you to put on such enterprises shall drop workplace safety on a par with medium and small industrial production.However, the protection of labor in agriculture through the adoption of several laws in the loss to the state, which excludes any responsibility of managers and monitoring compliance with the norms and rules of labor discipline.We are talking about the absence of the "Regulations on the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia", which was published and adopted in the new edition of one of the main links (abolished Department of Labour Protection) which is intended to ensure health and safety in agriculture.Now the protection of labor in agriculture is committed to the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.However, the Ministry does not deal with this issue at all, at least at the moment.

That is why when the protection of labor in agriculture is simply not available in the country passes disappointing statistics of injuries in agriculture.And according to the same official statistics, almost every fifth injury in agriculture occurs fatal.Agricultural producers do not have the specific documents which regulate their activities on these issues.For example, the terms of protection of labor in crop production and work organization in livestock farming has long been forgotten, and do not appear in official documents.

This is the situation that undermines the significance of the issues related to the protection of labor, in direct contradiction to the requirements of the Constitution and the Labour Code.As in the section on social status is very clear provisions regarding occupational safety and health for the whole country, and it describes the mechanisms not only at the federal level, but also smaller regional.

Such a policy of public authorities (local executive authorities and the center) do not contribute to the security and protection of agricultural workers, including staff working in the enterprises involved in the repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment agro-industrial enterprises.

Therefore, for what would be the protection of labor in agriculture has been recognized at the official level and allow to adjust the effective work processes in the agricultural enterprises were presented a number of proposals.They say:

1. It should be in the new position of the Min of Agriculture of the Russian Federation to reconsider and restore the section concerning the responsibilities of the Ministry of labor protection, in view of the market economy.

2. Restore department (service) to ensure the protection of labor in the industry, which should have their units across vertically from top to bottom as well, taking into account market relations.

3. In regions line ministry to carry out a permanent policy on improving occupational safety at enterprises, with a focus and objectives for the medium and small agricultural businesses as well as small and private farms.

4. Conduct regular collection and analysis of information on industrial accidents and occupational diseases in all sectors of agriculture.Then publish regulated documents with the results of such an analysis and proposals (demands) to prevent such incidents, or aimed at reducing such cases.To do this, create a variety of pamphlets and manuals heads of enterprises and representatives of the executive authorities in the regions.

Besides the above set of proposals there are many others that we have not described as they are written above is repeated with the concretization of the performers and instruments.