How to remove the lugs on the hips

How to remove the lugs on the hips - the question for many women is the most important and sore.This phenomenon can occur every girl.First is formed just fat deposited, and then the place turns into a part of the body and figure.The earlier start to deal with this problem, the greater the chances to win it quickly.

The first thing you need to do - regular exercise.They are quite simple, but here's the secret is in the constancy.Little by little every day, and the problem will go away.But that's not all, especially if the phenomenon has arisen for a long time.In deciding how to remove the tabs on the thighs should review your diet and eliminate all foods that contribute significantly to the formation of fat in all the problem areas, including the hips.

All exercises used in this struggle should be directed to the muscles of the hips worked very actively.According to many experts, sometimes quite basic exercises that are able to just warm up the body.

will be described below are the main ones.So, what exercise you need to perform in order to solve the problem and never wonder how to clean the ears on the hips.

first exercise starts with a good way into the wall with his hands.Then you need to perform kicks back and sides.As a rule, quite twenty repetitions for each leg.

Equally effective is exercise - squat thrusts.For this purpose, you just need to put one foot slightly forward and twenty times to sit down.You must then change legs.

very useful exercise in order to solve the problem of how to remove the tabs at the hips, is an action that is performed lying on your back.It should lie on the floor, bend your knees, and his hands at this time must lie along the body.From this position you need to do a little lift buttocks about a few seconds, then lower them.It is better to make it about fifteen times, but can be more.

most common squats are a great way to combat this problem.You can make different variations of this exercise, add a complication, for example.You can also squat while raising one leg - it is very difficult, but effective.Equally well help jumping because they significantly reduce the amount of body fat in the entire body.You can start with hundreds of jumps gradually increase this number and adding various complications.In solving the problem, how to remove the tabs on the thighs, jumping on one foot very effective.

The special sports equipment that helps get rid of this phenomenon can be attributed such as massage hoop.He is able at times to increase the chances of winning, and provided beautiful thigh.

If you have no time or desire to engage in the street, that is, special exercises for this area.Excellent assistant will run, he said, by the way, at the same time is able to solve this question, how to remove the tabs on the sides.If you run downhill fats are burnt with lightning speed.

to diversify the methods of struggle, you can add massage with special oils.Suitable oil of lemon, rosemary, tangerine and blue clay.If you rub this mixture regularly, while making a circular motion, the result will not be slow.After this procedure, it is recommended to wrap the hips and after some time, rinse with warm water.

As mentioned in the beginning, do not neglect the diet, it is much fix the result, and will also help prevent the occurrence of a problem again if it endure long enough.You can also arrange a fasting days.

As can be seen from the above - nothing complicated, important to act!