What a pneumatic gun is the most powerful?

desire to possess a firearm is peculiar, perhaps, every man.Hunting rifles do not fully satisfy this need.I want to feel in the hands of the severity of the cold metal combat sample, but the legislation does not allow.Pneumatics help resolve the issue.For connoisseurs not only lethal force, but also the aesthetics of the best offer - a pneumatic gun.Some models to the smallest detail repeated gunshot colleagues.

Shot produces compressed gas

The pneumatic throwing small arms bullets is not under the influence of the expanding hot gases formed by the explosion of gunpowder charge, and by the pressure stored in the tank of compressed air or carbon dioxide.Depending on the operating principle of the energy source, trigger mechanism are three types of weapons:

  • The spring-piston compressed air produced by the movement of the piston driven by the spring during fracture weapon before firing a special lever.One of the subspecies referred multikompressionnym: air is pumped a few strokes.
  • weapon with pre-pumped before firing requires pumping air into the tank by means of a compressor.
  • gas bottle used in the carbon dioxide in the reservoir or in a removable cartridge.

Pneumatic guns used type of gas-cylinder mechanism.As a rule, such samples are 4.5 mm (0.177 inches in the western labeling) and a muzzle energy of not more than 3 joules, which implies a free market in the Russian Federation.Revolver air combat is not, and is not suitable for hunting, and is meant only for entertainment and sporting events.

Air American dream

One of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic weapons is an American company Sport Manufacturing Group (SMG) Inc.Concern offers a few dozen types of samples of different price categories, power and performance from replicas to modern and stylish models.Features of American law leaves its mark.Different states have limitations on capacity, some require you to paint in the colors of the gas weapon, other than the combat, or even give a look.In some regions, this type of weapons in general is prohibited.Gunsmiths took into account all the nuances of not only his country, but especially the market of Eurasia.Rich assortment is produced under the brand name Gletcher.

leader of sales in the post-

Since 2010, the company supplies its products to the CIS and Russia.Weapons specifically designed in accordance with domestic law.Due to the fact that in our country prohibiting the free circulation of firearms, the company has taken an original marketing move.Products Gletcher maximum repeat the mechanisms of combat unique: made of metal movable shutter mimics the original fire fighting.Since 2011, customers are offered a series called Russian Legends.All products within one and a half years of the warranty.The vast majority of the gas revolvers on the shelves - a product Gletcher.

Arms Russian Empire

In 1895, the Russian Army was adopted by a Belgian revolver Nagant system.For decades, these weapons were the most popular in our country.SMG offered to Russian customers a replica of the legendary gun.Gletcher NGT Black ("Glacier" black revolver), recognized as the most popular gas weapon in 2012.Revolver air for weight and size parameters coincides exactly with his prototype combat.Developers have tried to and resemblance was almost one hundred percent.A copy of the revolver favorably with other products of the same brand, for example, a series of revolvers Smith & amp;Wesson (for Chinese billet American brand logos attached).

Gletcher NGT, a pneumatic gun.Performance characteristics

Weapons made of silumin, radical black color, under the blued steel.Released a small batch of coated silver-plated.Plastic cheeks handle mimic wood, made very high quality.Features the following:

  • Curb weight - 700
  • Caliber - 4,5 mm.
  • maximum length - 230 mm.
  • The initial velocity of a bullet - 120 m / s.
  • Muzzle energy - 3 joules.
  • Magazine capacity - 7 rounds.
  • type of ammunition - steel shot BB.
  • source of energy - CO2 tank.

action mechanism

pneumatic gun Gletcher most plays firearm revolver.The trigger mechanism allows firing as the DA mode, and a preliminary cocked manually.From the original characterized in that the drum is stationary during firing, i.e. does not slide on the barrel, but the barrel is biased itself.It made it more effective sealing and exclusion gas breakthrough during the shooting.As in combat analogue drum is removed from the frame.The body has a manual safety that blocks the trigger and the trigger.

Equipment cartridges

used as ammunition metal roll covered with a layer of copper.To prepare to fire bullets must be secured in falshpatronah.Pneumatic gun NGT uses original ammunition to other models will not fit.Corresponds to the original loading procedure: cartridges are inserted one by one into the drum during rotation in a clockwise direction, like a real firearm.When gear bullet cartridge should be immersed until it clicks.Recessed fraction should be flush with the rubber lining.Falshpatronov feature that they pressed in two rubber inserts: in the front portion and the end face.This ensures minimal loss of gas.Drum Brake does not flip.Gas cylinder is placed in the handle and is covered with plastic bezel.Platen screw disguised trench.

Shooting from a pneumatic revolver

gas reserves in one bottle is enough for 105 shots (15 filled with drums).This figure is much higher than other similar products.Over 60 shots stored declared producer bullet velocity of 120 m / s, followed by fall in up to 85 m / s and below.We are talking about the use of spherical explosive bullet.Trigger pull DA mode - about 3 kg, three times better than analog, which is very comfortable to use and has a positive effect on the accuracy.Accuracy - within the normal range for this type of small arms.

Revolvers Borner

leading manufacturer specializing in pneumatic weapon, a US company Central Bornership Company (CBC) Inc.Products are manufactured under the brand name Borner.On the domestic market the firm came in 2011.The high quality product is the fact that Gletcher Crosman and acquire a license to manufacture some samples.The flagship line of revolvers represented by three similar Specify smoothbore models:

  • pneumatic gun Borner Super Sport 708: weight - 1020 g, drum capacity - 6 rounds of bullets BB, the initial velocity of a bullet - 120 m / s, the prototype - Smith & amp;Wesson in the embodiment Military Police.Installation of collimator or optical sight.
  • Super Sport 703 - a very powerful pneumatic gun: weight - 1040 g, drum capacity - 6 BB bullets, the speed of a bullet - up to 135 m / s, barrel length - 8 inches (203 mm), the prototype has no combat.The design allows installation scopes.Very convenient for precise shooting.
  • Super Sport 705: weight - 650 g, the flight speed - up to 130 m / s, the capacity of the drum - 8 BB bullets, barrel length - 4 inches (102 mm).Appearance stylized corresponding in size model Smith & amp;Wesson.Developers should consider the installation of collimator or optical sight.

also popular vosmizaryadny Super Sport 705 (weight - 700 g, six-inch barrel), six-702-I model weighing 900 All samples involve the use falshpatronov and equipped with tilting mechanism of the drum.

Threaded fellow

A variety of weapons used to fire the kinetic energy of the expanding cold gases is threaded pneumatic gun.Barrel threaded provides greater precision and accuracy.In this niche Gletcher offers a replica of one of the models of the famous revolver Smith & amp;Wesson.The model is called Gletcher SW R6, in the basic version is equipped with a rifled barrel made in Germany Lothar Walther.Owners say fairly accurate simulation of performance and realism of the shooting.Fold-drum adds to this effect.Flight speed steel bullets - 120 m / s.However, using a bit clouded the need for additional equipment falshpatronov: round steel shot is necessary to remove and insert the lead.Samples with a trunk Umarex have a higher cost.

should be noted that rifle is very expensive.Not all of the leading brands in a number of similar products are pneumatic guns.The most powerful member of this class - Vigilante from the arms company Crosman.Model 357-6 combat prototype has not, but vaguely reminiscent of gunshot Stealth Hunter same firm Smith & amp;Wesson.The manufacturer claims that when firing ammunition explosive speed of a bullet is 140 m / s.This revolver is omnivorous: firing lead bullets designed 10-round drum for beads - 6-round.The truth is not all of the drum and its movable segment.The barrel length of 6 inches (152 mm) contributes to high accuracy.

What is the most powerful revolver?

Summing up, we can say that the products of different firms are virtually identical.It uses the same source of energy, the same ammunition, and similar mechanical parts.The only difference in performance and appearance.The greatest power have a model with a barrel length of 8 inches (203 mm).As a rule, these samples the initial velocity of a bullet is 140 m / s at a standard application in the passport 120. In these weapons performance is considerably inferior gas cylinder spring-tipping and pre-pumped, whose bullet speed reaches 210 m / s and more,a muzzle energy - the maximum permitted by law 7,5 joule.The record is Zoraki Hp-01 Light - Turkish air gun.Revolver in these lists does not appear.And not only because of its design features that do not allow disguise bulky piston mechanism.These weapons are pursuing other objectives, primarily aesthetic.In respect of ballistic gun pneumatic gun inferior.