The height of a giraffe, including the head and neck.

Giraffe lives across most of Africa south of the Sahara.The appearance of this animal is so unusual that it is difficult to confuse with any other animal.First of all, almost all the question arises: "What is the growth of a giraffe?ยป

This mammal - the highest of all currently known animals.The height of a giraffe from the soil to the forehead up to 6 meters!The weight of an adult male of more than 1 ton.The female little easier.

height of a giraffe neck and head separate from the body up to 3 meters.He is quite expressive eyes, thick lashes pubescent.The ears of the animal are small and narrow.

on his forehead in both sexes, there are cones, covered with hair.Painting of the highest mammal varies greatly.Scientists note that the two giraffes have the same coat color does not happen.Figure in the form of spots is unique as a fingerprint imprint.

main background color giraffe - a yellowish-red.It is located in a chaotic form of chocolate-brown spots.Young giraffes always have a lighter color than the adults.Sometimes there are white giraffes.But it is very rare.They live in Kenya and northern Tanzania.

Power giraffe

is no coincidence that the height of a giraffe (including head and neck), compared with the height of a two-story house.The long neck wild animals - the result of evolution.She first assistant giraffe in the production of food.Animal easily takes out the leaves from the tallest trees: wild apricot, acacia and mimosa.

addition, the giraffe language is quite long - 50 centimeters.Grass, prostrate on the ground, eating rare animals.After all, the height of a giraffe (including head and neck), is 6 meters!This makes it widely set forelegs and sometimes even kneel.Around this position a high animal drinks water from a reservoir.However, a giraffe capable of a few weeks without water, replacing it with a juicy wet food.

giraffes in the herd

These animals form herds of 15 to 50 individuals.Often combined with a group of giraffes zebras, ostriches and antelopes.But it is short-lived community.Height giraffe oblige other tribesmen bow down before him his head.

Despite its peacefulness, giraffes sometimes enter into a kind of duel between them.But at the end of the fight defeated the giraffe is not expelled from the herd, as it is in other animals.Six-meter giraffe height (including head and neck), suggesting awkwardness mammal.But in reality it is an animal perfectly adapted to living in the savannah.

Facts about giraffe

High growth allows the animal to see far.Giraffes are considered diurnal creatures.

morning they eat and spend the afternoon in a pleasant nap, occasionally chewing gum.At night comes the giraffes restful sleep.They lay down on the ground, running out under her front legs and one from the back.

head is placed on the other hind leg, stretched to the side.In this position, the height of a giraffe including head and neck, reaches about 3.5 m. Even when sitting animal looks high.

giraffes mating season begins in July and lasts until September.Pregnant females lasts about 450 days.A newborn calf weighs about 70 kg.The height of a giraffe, including head and neck, is nearly 2 meters.During birth herd of giraffes surrounds tribeswoman, protecting it from possible danger.

Predators and giraffe

Besides answering the question "What is the height of a giraffe, including neck and head?", You can find out if they have any enemies.In the wild, lions only dare to hunt for the highest animal.To overcome the giraffe manages to predators when they are in the pride.

If the lion alone dare to waylay giant, it may fail.An employee of one of the national parks has witnessed a similar case.The predator was going to leap on the back of a giraffe to eat his neck vertebrae.

But during a jump and missed the lion was hit by a heavy blow giraffe hooves in the chest.When he saw that the lion is not moving, a witness came closer: the chest was crushed by a predator.So peaceful giraffe was able to stand up for yourself!

Interesting facts

curious that people are basically asking, "What is the height of a giraffe?"But few fans of the majestic beast interested in other information.For example, the heart of the giraffe weighs more than 12 kilos!

With such weight it passes through a 60 liters of blood.This leads to a very high pressure in the animal.Therefore, for a giraffe unfavorable abrupt movements during lowering and lifting the head.

Despite its tall, majestic animal can develop a speed of at gallop race over 55 kilometers per hour.This is a good opportunity to overtake giraffe racehorse when running at small distances.But in fact, unusual animal moves impressively, moving by turns, both front and hind limbs.

Incidentally, the thin legs of a giraffe.This allows the animal to move only on a level surface.Interestingly, the giraffes can jump, overcoming obstacles 1.5-2 meters.

Scientists believe that the highest animal is not among nomadic.Like many other species, giraffes are kept well within a limited area.It is noted that beyond their possessions animals look alarmed.

Male giraffe in the mating season can not tolerate rivals in the zone.If the animal observes competitor is taking threatening attitude, which is characterized by stretching their heads up and tense neck numb.Such measures are usually enough to rival retired.

In extreme cases giraffes butt each other.But these battles are safe.Pets lazily pushing each other, shaking a bushy necks.In most cases, the owner manages to ward off someone else's giraffe.

small bird vodoklyui - quite frequent guests on the necks of giraffes.They seek out the skin of animals giant maggots, mites and eat them.Vodoklyui - a kind of care for the giraffe in the African plains.

smells like a giraffe?

Interestingly, the highest animal exudes a strong odor.So the giraffe drives away from itself parasites.The researchers found in the skin of the African animal huge amount of antibiotics capable of stopping the spread of harmful bacteria.